Arbonne RE9 Prepwork: First Impression

This post is not sponsored, I am not a consultant, nor do I get any financial benefit for talking about these products. I bought them out of my own curiosity with my own money.

I am a self proclaimed skincare junkie. Over the last year I have tried more skincare products then I can count. I am constantly on the look out for the most effective line up of products for myself. I never had any problems with my skin growing up but once I got pregnant that changed.

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Look Good, Feel Good: How to Look Put Together with Minimal Effort


I know we all want to look our best every day.

I also know that nobody wants to get up at 4 am to make this happen.

I will be the first to say it, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your sleep for looking good. But now that I only get sleep in 2-3 hour chunks at a time, I found myself at a crossroads. Do I want to go out everyday looking like I’ve just come back from the dead? Or do I suck it up and wake up even earlier than I already do to to put makeup on and look human again?

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