Favourite 6-9 Month Baby Products

The past 3 months have brought with it a ton of new changes in our lives and Rhys’ development. Over the last few months he has started crawling, eating solid foods, is learning to feed himself, furniture walking, lots and lots of talking and laughing, and an overall curiosity for everything around him.

Since there has been such a jump in his development there has also been a huge shift in our products we use everyday, so here are our most used baby products from 6-9 months.

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What You’ll Need From 3- 6 Months: Baby Products I’ve Been Loving

How are we already writing about our most used items from 3-6 months old?!

Oh my gosh, the time is FLYING by. If you’re new here and missed my post on the products we loved in the first three months, jump on over here to read that.

This list won’t be as long as the first one because a lot of the items from that list we are still using. However, we do have some new ones in the mix which I want to share with you!

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