Favourite 6-9 Month Baby Products

The past 3 months have brought with it a ton of new changes in our lives and Rhys’ development. Over the last few months he has started crawling, eating solid foods, is learning to feed himself, furniture walking, lots and lots of talking and laughing, and an overall curiosity for everything around him.

Since there has been such a jump in his development there has also been a huge shift in our products we use everyday, so here are our most used baby products from 6-9 months.

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Tidying Like A Mother: Marie Kondo KonMari Style!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you have probably heard about the new Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

With the show coming out right as the new year kicked off, I quickly jumped on Netflix, notebook in hand and ready to learn, and binge watched the show quicker than I would like to admit (2 days.. whoops..). After finishing the series I was left with an insane urge to throw out our entire apartment.

So that is exactly what I did. Sort of.

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What You’ll Need From 3- 6 Months: Baby Products I’ve Been Loving

How are we already writing about our most used items from 3-6 months old?!

Oh my gosh, the time is FLYING by. If you’re new here and missed my post on the products we loved in the first three months, jump on over here to read that.

This list won’t be as long as the first one because a lot of the items from that list we are still using. However, we do have some new ones in the mix which I want to share with you!

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Winter Baby Essentials

I am a huge fan of the winter. Well.. actually, I love the winter holidays. I enjoy the snow for about a month and then I’m over it. But with the weather getting colder it means preparing your baby, and that can be challenging sometimes!

If you are wondering what you’ll need to get you and your baby through the colder months, this post is for you!

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Teeth! Helping Your Baby Through The Teething Phase

Teething is a tricky phase because there are so many different signs of teething, it happens at different ages, for different lengths of time, and at different levels of intensity for every baby. My son started teething at 3 months, and nobody believed us when we told them he had two teeth at 3.5 months! We didn’t even realize that was what was happening at the time since it felt so early and weren’t aware of all the teething symptoms.

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Most Used Baby Items in the First 3 Months | Elyse Morency | Mom and Lifestyle Blog

Newborn to 3 Month Baby Checklist

While I was making my list of baby items we’d need before having Rhys, I read countless articles and spoke to everyone I could about what their top used baby items were. There is so much baby stuff on the market now that claim you absolutely need them when having a baby, I didn’t even know where to start. Getting other people’s input on what they used most gave me a really good idea of what was important to have and what wasn’t.

And now I’m here to help you determine what you might need in the first three months after your new baby arrives!

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