Managing Postpartum Hair Loss

Are you standing at the end of your showers with clumps of hair stuck to the wall? Or is the floor covered in your strands after brushing it? Is your hair falling out in patches, having you wondering the reason for your hair loss? This is postpartum hair loss, and yes, it is all completely normal! Here’s how you can mange your postpartum hair loss. Continue reading Managing Postpartum Hair Loss

The “Mom Bun” Ruined My Hair and How You Can Avoid It

We have all been there.

It’s 7 am, you haven’t showered in God knows how long, and your hair is a disaster. What do you do?

You throw it up in a bun with the elastic you found under your couch cushion.

Continue reading “The “Mom Bun” Ruined My Hair and How You Can Avoid It”