Fall Hair Accessories (that won’t break the bank!)

I’ve been spending countless hours scrolling through Instagram lately (don’t judge me, I have a problem, I know haha) and I’ve noticed this season, there are a few staple accessories that are popping up everywhere, and I’m loving them! What I’m not loving, is the price point of most of the items people are recommending. This mama has a family to feed and unfortunately, spending … Continue reading Fall Hair Accessories (that won’t break the bank!)

Managing Postpartum Hair Loss

Are you standing at the end of your showers with clumps of hair stuck to the wall? Or is the floor covered in your strands after brushing it? Is your hair falling out in patches, having you wondering the reason for your hair loss? This is postpartum hair loss, and yes, it is all completely normal! Here’s how you can mange your postpartum hair loss. Continue reading Managing Postpartum Hair Loss