The Best Jean Trends for Fall!

The best jean trends for Fall outfits 2020! #falloutfits #jeantrends #falltrends2020 | Elyse Morency Blog- Quick Beauty and Lifestyle

Good-bye summer shorts! Good -bye swimsuits! Good-bye all things summer fashion. It’s FALL TIME Y’ALL. (ugh, sorry that was cringey. I couldn’t help it.)

I have realized over the years that I’m an eager person when it comes to changing seasons. Might be why I get sick of them so quickly… who knows! Haha! At the first sight of any seasonal change, I am in there full-on. Fall decorations are in full effect by end of August, Christmas decor goes up promptly on November. 12, and Spring clothes and makeup are out and about even before the snow has melted (which in Canada, let’s be honest, could be as late as June.. so can you blame me?).

I’m all about realistic fashion, as I’m a mom who is always on the go. There is no time for me to be running after my toddler in 6 inch heels or jeans which I can’t sit, stand, breathe, or bend in! This is why I’m sharing with your my absolute FAVOURITE jean trends and styles for Fall 2020.

BONUS: I’m going to show you how to style each one in different ways to adapt to any situation.

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The best jean trends for Fall outfits 2020! #falloutfits #jeantrends #falltrends2020 | Elyse Morency Blog- Quick Beauty and Lifestyle

Mom Jeans

I’m not going to lie, after having my son, the term “Mom Jeans” was majorly offensive to me (don’t ask me why. I’m an emotional person and apparently overly sensitive sometimes). I wouldn’t even try them on! I know, I know. It’s crazy.

Well call me converted because this style of jean is the best thing since sliced bread (and I LOVE bread, so that says a lot). I still love my high-waisted skinnies but for the days when you want to feel a little more free, the mom jean style is perfect. They sit super high-waisted, fit looser around the legs, and I love the length that sits right above the ankle. I’m a tiny human, standing tall at just under 5’1, so I order my jeans off the American Eagle website since they offer the X Short length which fits me perfectly.

STYLE TIP: Pair these jeans with a loose top and tuck in at the waist. This will emphasis your mama curves (we love those) in a way that you can feel comfortable in. My go to for fall is a button up flannel shirt!

The best jean trends for Fall outfits 2020! #falloutfits #jeantrends #falltrends2020 | Elyse Morency Blog- Quick Beauty and Lifestyle

High Waisted Raw Edge Cropped Jeans

If you’re looking for a jean that gives you a grungy look with great stretch and an uber flattering shape, these are it. These jeans are my go to for days when I want a more casual look to my outfit but I still want to show off my curves. The jeans are a great affordable cost, which makes them super mom friendly. The high waist also sits comfortably right at the belly button, giving you all of the emphasis on your waist and keeping everything tucked in! My favour part about them is that they come in Petite, Regular, and Tall, so there is an inseam for everyone!

STYLE TIP: Cuff the bottoms of these jeans to hit at the most flattering length for your body. Pair with sneakers and a long sleeve tucked in to create shape, and then to keep it fall weather appropriate, finish off with a jacket or flannel shirt!

The best jean trends for Fall outfits 2020! #falloutfits #jeantrends #falltrends2020 | Elyse Morency Blog- Quick Beauty and Lifestyle

Light Wash Boot Cut Jeans

Prove me wrong. Boot cut jeans make everyone’s butt look great. SERIOUSLY! These jeans have a great stretch to them, the wash is the perfect medium wash which can be worn in the early fall days or during the winter months. This fit is a low rise (yuck, I know) but the stretch in the material makes it very forgiving when it needs to be.

STYLE TIP: Pair with a loose knit sweater and tuck it in. This gives the look a really cozy feel and keeps it looking put together.

The best jean trends for Fall outfits 2020! #falloutfits #jeantrends #falltrends2020 | Elyse Morency Blog- Quick Beauty and Lifestyle

Classic Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

I am a huge fan of keeping classic pieces in your wardrobe for each season. A classic dark wask skinny jean is something that can be dressed up or dressed down and works with every situation. These jeans are a little more pricey, but they are 100% worth the investment as they hold their shape and fit like a dream! They have a great stretch to them and the length comes in XShort, Short, Regular, Tall, XTall, AND in Curvy. They have covered it all with this style so you are garuanteed a size and fit for you.

STYLE TIP: For a casual day to day look, you can pair these jeans with a graphic tee, sneakers, and a slouch cardigan. I’ve styled these jeans with Over The Knee boots (the most comfortable boot to wear in my opinion) and an off the shoulder sweater for a more dressy look!

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