Unusual Things You May Not Know

There are some new friends here lately (hello, welcome!) so I wanted to have some fun and get to know everyone more! I’m finding myself, now more than ever, craving connections with people and I thought what better way to do that than to share some unusual things you may not know about me!

  • I’m a mom of 1 (for now) who loves activewear but never goes to the gym
  • I was in school for Criminology and Psychology when I dropped out half way through my last semester to study Makeup Artistry. I now specialize in Wedding Makeup and helping moms find ways to fit makeup and hair into their busy days so they can feel their best! You can find more about this here
  • I coached gymnastics for 10 years, which is where I met my boyfriend and baby daddy (I think it’s hilarious to call him that and watch people’s reactions).
  • I consciously wake up every day and make the decision to see the positives because anxiety and depression are a pain but I refuse to let it take over (even though it happens sometimes).

Now it’s your turn! Tell me something about you! Are you a tea or coffee person? Salty or sweet? Morning or night? Tell me anything and everything! 💕

Want to see more of each other? (I know I do!) You can find me here on instagram where I spend all day hanging out!

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