How To Apply Makeup For Beginners: A Step by Step Video Guide

“Oh, I wish I could do my makeup like I see in the videos”… “I can never get my makeup to look right”… ” I don’t know what I’m doing wrong”

These are some of the many comments I have heard from people regarding how to apply their makeup! You watch video after video in hopes of mastering your winged eyeliner and finally getting that natural looking skin while covering your under eye circles, but it never seems to work out like you want it to.

As a Professional Makeup Artist and a first time Mom, I know that time is of the essence (and usually so is money) so finding a makeup routine which you feel confident in mastering that doesn’t break the bank is important! I created a video series walking you through step by step how to apply your makeup so you can master your makeup routine. You can pick and choose the features which are important to you so you don’t waste anytime. To learn all about how to apply your makeup for beginners, check out the video series below.

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