10 Things I’m Scared To Tell You

10 Things This Mom Blogger Wants You To Know- Elyse Morency Blog

Over the last couple of months, this tribe of incredible women has grown and it got me thinking about how I haven’t done a person post on the blog in a long time.

I am not afraid to be vulnerable when I know that it could help someone else feel better. I have talked about my struggle with postpartum depression, what it’s like to be without my mom, and how I hated my postpartum body. However, this post, for some reasons, is terrifying for me to write!

That being said, I’m going to write it anyway because I love building connections with all of you and this is a fun way for me to do it. So if you’re like me and love being nosy into other people’s lives (I won’t lie, I watch vlogs like their tv shows) here are the 10 Things I’m Scared To Tell You.

10 Things This Mom Blogger Wants You To Know- Elyse Morency Blog

10 Things I’m Scared To Tell You

  1. I am terrified of learning in front of others: I THRIVE on learning new things. I have never been someone to sit still or stay in one place, both physically and mentally. I love learning new skills and taking on new challenges. But I am terrified of learning in front of others. I am the kind of person who will sit by myself and work on something until I have it, and then will go out and do it in front of others.
  2. I’m an extreme person: I’m either extremely happy or extremely sad. I don’t often fall between those two. I am full of passion, drive, motivation, and determination and it fuels everything I do. But when I fall, I fall hard. I’m a reactive person, rather than responsive. I work at being balanced and leveled but it is something I have to be aware of each day.
  3. I do everything for my family: I have dreamed my whole life of being a mother and raising a family. I love every part of it (even the parts I don’t like haha). Because of this, every ounce of motivation I have comes from wanting to give my family the best that I can: the best me, the best education, experiences, and life. It is the greatest “why” in my life and it pushes me everyday, sometimes to a fault.
  4. Instant Ramen is my weakness: Those instant ramen noodle packages.. oh man I could live off those. I try to keep them to a minimum because I swell up like a balloon from all the sodium after eating them but anything salty has my heart.
  5. I don’t like confrontation: But I’ll tell it to you straight, anyways. I used to shy away from difficult conversations. I was scared to get into arguments or what people would think of me if I spoke up, but I’ve learned over the years that that doesn’t help anyone. I’ve gotten to the point where I will tell you how I’m feeling, calmly, and why, because I don’t like letting thing simmer and it feels disrespectful not to. It makes it much easier to move on from things when you can talk it through before it gets too out of hand.
  6. I’m a morning person: Like, spring out of bed with a smile on my face ready to work, kind of a morning person. Not always. There are definitely times when I snooze my alarm 5 times over and curse myself for thinking 5am was a good idea. But most of the time I enjoy the early mornings. It’s my “me” time when I feel the most myself; working and drinking my coffee hot, while sitting down. (click here to find out what my whole morning routine looks like)
  7. I have a strange obsession with watching other people do everyday things: I watch vlogs on youtube like it’d my job. I love seeing what other people are doing in their lives. It’s a huge motivator for me to see other people achieving and living with big goals while raising a family. Especially when I’ve been watching someone (that doesn’t sound creepy, right?) for long enough to see their success grow. It’s like soul food for me. Some of my favourites are : Alex and Michael, Mallory Ervin, Casey Holmes and KKandBabyJ.
  8. I HATE the sound of people eating: The sound of chewing, crunching, slurping… ugh, it’s like nails on a chalkboard and a guaranteed way to drive me nuts.
  9. I feel like an imposture: Even when I see success, I feel like I’m faking it. Like somehow, I’ve fooled everyone into thinking I’m the real deal when I’m not. I don’t think I’m the bomb dot com but I do know I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and yet, I still have a hard time accepting that.
  10. I never thought blogging would make me feel this way: It started off as just a way to stay busy while I was on mat leave but it has left me feeling all warm and happy, and completely and fully satisfied. I also never expected to build the friendships that I have. If I had known this was what it would be like, I would have done this a long time ago!

I am truly grateful for each and everyone of you and where I am in life. As I sit here at my computer finishing this post, my heart is full and I feel so lucky.

Now that you know a little bit about me, I want to know about you! What are somethings about yourself that people wouldn’t know?

3 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Scared To Tell You

  1. Love this !!
    Not sure I have ten things but two things many people don’t know is 1) I’m a major social introvert – I’m 100% extroverted in anything else but large groups where I know no one make me wanna crawl into a corner !

    I hate eating in public! I always worry about being caught mid chew with someone asking a question or trying to hold a tiny plate with food – no thanks I’ll legit not eat until I get home !

    1. Oh my gosh yes!!! The late crowds are terrifying when you don’t know anyone. I’m the same, except for when I’m coaching. Then I could stand in front of a full school and be totally fine. So strange right?!

      I totally get the eating in public. It never fails, someone always asks a question just as you take a bite 😂

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