My Morning Routine For A Successful Day

Ever since going back to work, my life gets overwhelming and chaotic very quickly. 90% of my job is a work from home job which requires more self discipline than I could have imagined. That being said, I am totally and utterly IN LOVE with my jobs and being able to work from home. I have created a morning routine which always allows me to have a successful and productive day without leaving me feeling rushed, or isolated from the family during the day.

The biggest question I get now is “How do you do it all?” or “I wish I had the time to do it all, like you do” and guess what?

You CAN do it! And you DO have the time.

There is no magic solution to getting it all done or finding the time. The secret is, if you want it, you will find the way. And that’s what I’ve done with my morning routine. I’ve made sacrifices, I’ve made mindset changes, and I have given myself no other option but to find a way to be successful. And you can to.

My Morning Routine For A Successful Day

Wake up Early: This one sucks to get into the habit of doing. I won’t lie to you. But I will also tell you it feels freaking incredible to check off half of your daily to do list by 6:30 am. I get up at 5am (ew. I know.) because I have an early riser for a child so this gives me 1-1.5 hours of quiet work time before everyone else wakes up. I also find I am most productive in the morning so I will try and get through all the heavy thinking tasks first and leave the mindless stuff for the end of the day when I’m wiped and tapped out.

Plan Out My To-Do List: I have probably thrown away hundreds of dollars on unused planners. You know, the ones you buy in January or September when you’re feeling motivated to get your life organized, and then just sits on your desk empty after the first month? I’ve stopped buying them because I have found another system that works better for me. Instead of planning out my days by the minute, I write everything down in a list formation at the beginning of the day and I work through that. It is way easier to work off a list than it is to work of a schedule, especially with an unpredictable child!

Have A Morning Drink and Breakfast That I Enjoy: I would not survive my days if I didn’t have this step. I like having a good breakfast and morning drink (usually coffee) that makes me excited to be up at the butt-crack of dawn a.k.a 5am. You can even set up your coffee maker the night before to have your cup of coffee ready for you so you can wake up to the a fresh cup (or pot) waiting for you!

Exercise: Every morning (unless it’s raining) I take R out for a walk after he’s had his breakfast, usually around 7:15 am. I try to make it at least 45 minutes to make sure I’m getting my heart rate up for a bit and I will pick a podcast to listen to while we walk. Getting outside and exercising is so helpful for ensuring I can stay awake for the day, but it also leaves me feeling so much more productive because I have gotten out of the house and gotten some exercise in.

Have A WHY That Is Stronger Than Your CAN’T: This one is hands down the MOST important step in the routine. When you’re working towards a goal that feels challenging and hard, impossible and a waste of time at times, you need a WHY this is strong enough to drown out the CAN’TS. I don’t spring out of bed every morning with a smile on my face and ready to take on my day. I roll out of bed, questioning why I ever thought this was a good idea and fight the EXTREME urge to just stay in bed and do it later. I spend the first 10 minutes of being awake reminding myself that I want this and the hard work will be worth it down the road. My WHY is so strong that it feels worth it. The sacrifices, the time spent, the doubt and fear and risk. It’s. All. Worth. It. But you have to feel that for it to be true.

I know that finding a rhythm and routine that makes you feel productive and successful in your days is easier said than done. Trust me, girl, I get it! But the success is not out of reach for you! Finding your routine can be a big mindset change, but I am here cheering you on.

You can do it!

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