My Self Tan Tips & Tricks

Self Tanning Tips and Tricks for A Natural, Dark Tan- Elyse Morency: Motherhood & Beauty
Self Tanning Tips and Tricks for A Natural, Dark Tan- Elyse Morency: Motherhood & Beauty
Self Tanning Tips and Tricks for A Natural, Dark Tan- Elyse Morency: Motherhood & Beauty

I have been self tanning for almost ten years now and it is one of the self care tricks that I pull out when I need a pick me up. I read a quote from someone who said “if you can’t tone it, tan it” and honestly, nothing has felt more true since having a baby. I am working on getting back into shape but until then, I will just tan it!

In 100% honesty, my early self tanning days are ones I am trying very hard to block out of my memory. But, that being said, I can confidently say I have figured it all out and am going to share with you step-by-step how I achieve a natural looking tan with self tanner!

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  1. The day before I plan to apply my self tan, I will shower. In my shower I exfoliate my whole body using an exfoliating mitt and exfoliating body scrub and I will shave every where I plan to apply self tan.
  2. Post shower, I will moisturize my whole body using a really hydrating moisturizer. DON’T APPLY ANY DEODORANT (I know.. yuck) because you want a clean slate to apply your self tan to.
  3. The next day when you’re ready to apply your self tan, take your hydrating moisturizer again an apply it to all the areas that hold tan more (ie: knees, hands, armpits, elbows, feet, and ankles). This will prevent any areas from coming out darker than the rest of your body.
  4. Apply your tan using your mitt but distributing the self tan to the mitt first and work it in circles starting in one section at a time. I usually start on my legs and work my way up. Work quickly but thoroughly, avoiding your feet and hands (I will explain why next). When going over the areas you apply moisturizer to (knees, elbows, armpit) use whatever is left on your mitt instead of a fresh pump of tan so you minimize the risk of orange hands or knees.
  5. Once you are ready for your hands and feet, use a fluffy makeup brush to apply a small amount, This will allow you to get into all the smaller cracks and areas without applying too much product.
  6. I use a designated face self tan to avoid any orange face disasters. I apply this last after I moisturize my face.
  7. After your application is done, if you want an even darker colour you can wait a half hour and reapply in all the same areas (this is my go to for a really bronzed look). If you don’t want to apply a second layer, go ahead an through on a dark coloured, loose fitting outfit to hand out in while the tan processes and AVOID WATER LIKE THE PLAGUE. Any water that gets on your tan before it’s done processing will wash it off and leave you with splotches and streaks.
  8. Once the tan is fully developed, jump in the shower and rinse the colour guard off using no soap. Once you’re done, continue to moisturize daily to maintain an even tan.

Getting a bronzed tan doesn’t have to be hard. With some practice, you can achieve a natural looking glow while maintaining your skin health!

Happy tanning, friends and enjoy your day 🙂

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