Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I’ve put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide to help you pick the perfect gift for the wonderful mama’s in your life! This post has a guide for every kind of Mom so you’re bound to find something she’ll like.

Some of these links are affiliate links. By clicking on them you do not pay more or less, but I do make a small commission off of your purchase.

For the Mom On The Go

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019- Elyse Morency Blog: Motherhood & Beauty Blog
  1. Yeti Cup: When you’re running around all day, the last thing you want is your coffee going cold and spilling all over the place. The Yeti cups are great for keeping your drinks hot all day long, mess free.
  2. Adidas NMD_R1 Shoes: Comfortable shoes doesn’t have to mean boring style! The shoes will give you the support you need when you’re on your feet all day, and still keep you feeling stylish.
  3. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Eye Gel Cream: Ain’t nobody got time for tired eyes! Keep your look fresh, awake, and hydrated with this new drugstore eye cream.
  4. Lululemon Pants: Comfort is key when you’re a busy mom! These pants look fancier than a yoga pant, but feel just as comfortable.
  5. Swell Water Bottle: Hyrdation is key for keeping you alert and feeling your best during the day. The Sweel bottles are designed to keep your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours!
  6. Phone Charging Case: The last thing you want to happen during a busy day is your phone to die. Keeping a charging phone case around is perfect for those on the go mama’s.
  7. It Cosmetics CC Cream: When your day is jam packed, you want to make sure you look your best, keep your skin feeling it’s best, and all able to be accomplished in a short amount of time. This is all in one CC cream gives you the coverage of a foundation, the protection of a sunscreen, the skincare benefits of a good face cream, and it can be applied with your hands in seconds.
  8. 2019-2020 Planner: Keeping your days in order is the most important thing as a mom on the go! This planner is cute and has everything you’ll need to keep your days running smoothly.
  9. Starbucks Instant Refreshers: In need of a pick me up mid-day? These on the go refreshers are perfect! Toss one in your purse for later and when you’re ready just add it to water, shake it up, and go.
  10. Love and Lore Sophia Bucket Bag: A functional bag that isn’t too big and looks great on!
  11. Pop Socket: Chances are you have a million and one things in you hands. Pop sockets are great for ensuring you’ve got a good grip on your phone so you can carry all you things worry free.

For the Self-Care Lover

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019- Elyse Morency Blog: Motherhood & Beauty Blog
  1. Summer Fridays R + R Mask: Get skin that looks like you’ve been resting and relaxing your whole life with this face mask!
  2. Peter Thomas Roth 24 Karat Gold Eye masks: When you’re a mom, the one thing we all struggle with is lack of sleep and under eye darkness. While these masks won’t help with the sleep part, they’ll definitely help with the under eyes circles.
  3. Lush Bath Bombs: After a long day of parenting and working, soaking in the bath with a bath bomb and unwinding is the best way to end the day.
  4. Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base Priming Moisturizer: Keep your skin looking fresh all day with this duel purpose moisturizer.
  5. Bath & Badyworks Stress Relief Shower Gel: When life gets crazy, this eucalyptus and mint body wash will calm your nerves.
  6. Pored Glass Candle: Spend your days in a place that smells amazing and adds to the decor, with these candles!
  7. Jade Facial Roller: Reduce face inflammation and puffiness with a jade roller. Apply your skincare and then roller this all over your face for an awake and even toned look.
  8. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis: When you need to unplug, why not read a book that makes you feel empowered and motivated.
  9. Oil Diffuser: This oil diffuser is so sleek and super affordable!
  10. Essential Oils: This kit has all the oils you’ll need to create a blend for every mood.
  11. Lush Bubble Bars: I love these bubble bars because a little bit goes a long way. You can cut them up into smaller pieces and store them away for later. The clean ingredients also leave your skin feeling hydrated and smelling amazing
  12. Sephora Clay Face Masks: These face masks will leave your skin feeling incredible. They have multiple for different skin types and they’re resealable to allow you to store extra for later.
  13. Laneige Lip Mask: Wake up with soft plump lips with this lip mask.
  14. Slip Sleep mask: When a good nights sleep is already hard enough to get, don’t let things like early sun rise interfere with it. This Slip sleep mask is great because it is gentle on the skin and hair and blocks out all light.

For the New Mom

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019- Elyse Morency Blog: Motherhood & Beauty Blog
  1. Mom coffee mug: As new mom, the one thing we all love to do is flaunt our new mom status! Plus, I have yet to meet a new mom who doesn’t drink coffee.
  2. Baby’s First Year Memory Book: The first year will all feel like a foggy blur with the lack of sleep and chaos of having a new baby. This book is perfect to document all those exciting milestones so you don’t have to worry about remember
  3. Flora Nikrooz Petra Robe: When you have a new baby, you are most likely spending most of your time moving from room to room in the house with a baby attached to you. No one has time for clothes and this robe is perfect for that! If you’re nursing, it’s easy to slip off, and if you’re not, then it’s a comfortable layer to throw on and stay cozy while you’re at home taking care of your little one.
  4. Nars Atomic Blonde Eyes & Face Palette: Chances are you don’t have a lot of time to get yourself ready in the morning so this one stop shop palette is perfect for the new mom. It has all the essentials for quickly putting yourself together.
  5. “It’s Moms turn to wine” Wine Glass: After 9 months of not drinking, you deserve a glass of wine every once in a while!
  6. First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy Eye Cream: No sleep? No problem! This eye cream depuffs, brightens, ad hydrates so no one will ever know you’re only sleeping 2 hours at a time.
  7. Lululemon Align Pants: These are the best leggings EVER. I wore them all throughout pregnancy and they still fit me perfectly one year postpartum. They’re incredibly comfy and hold everything in place.
  8. Scrunchies: The mom bun gets us all, so might as well dress it up with some scrunchies! This also protects your hair from breaking from wearing it up all the time.
  9. Dove Dry Shampoo: Who has time to wash and style their hair as a new mom? This stuff is life saving.
  10. Coffee Mug Warming Plate: The odds of you drinking your coffee hot the first time you make it is slim to none. This mug warmer will keep it warm for you until you finally get around to drinking it.

For the Homebody

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019- Elyse Morency Blog: Motherhood & Beauty Blog
  1. Magnolia Pillow: This cute pillow will add some flare to any room.
  2. Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket: For the mamas who like to lounge on the couch with a cozy blanket, this is what you need in your life. It is softer than you can ever imagine and worth every penny!
  3. Ciderwood Ceramic Candle: Nothing makes the home more welcoming than a warm scent. This candle will look great in any room and is guaranteed to make your house feel like a home.
  4. Canvas Painting: I’m loving canvas photos recently. They add such a nice touch to the room!
  5. Ugg Slippers: If you haven’t been a slipper person before, you will be after you buy these. They re so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off!
  6. Pajama Set: Nothing says homebody like a pair of cute and comfy pajamas.
  7. Spring Cable Reading Socks: The best kind of night is a cup of tea, reading socks, and a good book or movie.
  8. Clear Coffee Mugs: These clear, double walled mugs are so chic so you can enjoy your drinks at home, without having to go out for a fancy coffee.
  9. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: Another Barefoot Dreams item because it’s like wearing a cloud when you feel how soft these are! I promise every homebody will love it.

For the Fit Mama

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019- Elyse Morency Blog: Motherhood & Beauty Blog
  1. Nike Flex RN: An active mama deserves shoes that can keep up with her and her style. These are the perfect fit for both.
  2. Yoga Mat: This yoga mat is perfect for the ladies who are daily yogi’s. The extra thick material makes it comfortable and durable, and the strap allows it to travel where ever Mama needs it to go.
  3. Swell Bottle: Cold water after a workout is a must. The Swell bottles keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours.
  4. Lululemon Top: No one will ever know you just came from a workout when you’re wearing this top. The anti-stink technology keeps you smelling fresh all day long and the style is so comfortable you can wear it running errands or working out.
  5. Gym Bag: This gym bag is unlike any other ones! A special mom deserves a special gift.
  6. Headbands: These non-slip headbands are great at keeping all those baby hairs out of your face during your workouts.
  7. Fitness Tracker: This fitness track has all the same features as the brand name models for a fraction of the cost! Fitness doesn’t have to be expensive.
  8. Bluetooth Headphones: Headphones can make or break a workout. I love these bluetooth headphones because they are sweat proof, and there are minimal cords to get tangled in while exercising.
  9. Under Armour Shorts: A good pair of shorts to workout in are hard to find. These double layered shorts ensure nothing falls out of place so you can rock your workout!

Wishing you the BEST Mother’s Day. You deserve to be pampered and spoiled for all that you do. Being a mama is hard work so make sure you take advantage of the day where you get to relax!

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