My Self Tanning Routine

The sunshine always has me craving a nice bronzed tan but as busy moms, who has the time to lay out in the sun for hours at a time to achieve that beautiful glow we all want? Definitely not me! So my solution is to wake up with that tanned “I’ve been on vacation without any worries for the last 3 months” look.


Self tanner that you can slap on and go, then wake up looking like you just came back from a tropical trip 😉

It’s my biggest secret. I have been fake tanning for almost 10 years now and it has taken lots of trial and error (loooots of error haha) to get it right, but I have gotten it down to a science and now I’m sharing it with you so you can also have that bronzed skin we all dream of in the summer!

How many times have you been running out the door, kids in tow, only to realized you haven’t gotten yourself ready?

With my 5 Minute Mom Makeup you can get ready for the day in less time than it takes your toddler to get into the cat food! It comes with all the product recommendations, step by step instructions so you can feel and look your best while raising your family, quickly and easily.

My Go-To Self Tan

I have tried many brands over the last 10 years and my all time favourite is Bondi Sands Tanning Mousse Ultra Dark. It is the most fool proof, orange free, least offensive smelling tan I’ve ever used. The mousse is incredibly blendable and has a colour guard which helps you see exactly where you’ve applied the tan and what needs to be blended out. The colour is green based so you end up with an olive colour with no orange in sight. The smell is minimal and has the least chemically smell I’ve ever experienced from a fake tan. It smells like coconuts and tropical vacation which means you can wear it during the day and not worry that someone is going to know you’re marinating in self tan!

My Favourite Self Tan Applicator

While you might think all tanning mitts are made the same, I beg to differ. I spent years repurchasing St.Tropez mits because they were accessible to me in stores. I was buying a new mit every two to three applications because they would wear out at the seams and I’d end up ripping through them, deeming them unusable. I was tanning weekly, so you can do the math but GIRL it was too expensive for this mama to maintain. I ordered a Bondi Sands mitt with my order over a year ago and have not had to repurchase a new one since!

My Favourite Self Tan Remover

It’s not secret that all fake tans fade away and they don’t usually fade very nicely. While I do find the Bondi Sands tan fades really well, I am still left with bald patches of tan in the areas that sweat or get the hottest on my body. Once that starts to happen, I am ready to wash it all off and reapply, but I hate sitting in the shower for hours scrubbing my skin raw. Bondi Sands has a self tan remover and it has made my tanning addiction that much easier to manage. You just have to apply the remover all over, let it sit for 5 minutes and then jump in the shower and wash it off.You don’t need an exfoliating mitt or scrub because it does that for you, but I like to use it because I take this time to prep for my next self tan application.

Self Tan Extras

For the days when you want to feel extra bronzed and glow-y Sol De Janeiro Glowmotions Glow Oil is what you need in your life! It’s an illuminating, skin smoothing, body oil which comes in 5 different tinted shades to moisturize your skin and bump up the tan and glow. It’s not sticky or overly smelly, and makes your skin look magical.

Hopefully this helps you achieve the dream bronzed glow you’ve been wanting for the summer time without having to spend hours outside in the sun to get it!

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