Managing Postpartum Hair Loss

Are you standing at the end of your showers with clumps of hair stuck to the wall? Or is the floor covered in your strands after brushing it? Is your hair falling out in patches, having you wondering the reason for your hair loss?

Did you just have a baby…

You probably just answered “yes” to all of the above and first things first, this is postpartum hair loss, and yes, it is all completely normal!

Before we get into how to manage postpartum hair loss, it’s important to understand what postpartum hair loss is and what causes it.

During pregnancy, your hormone levels cause your hair to be in a constant state of growth which results in minimal hair loss and long, luscious hair that everyone raves about! But a couple months after birth, once all of the hormones start to level out again, your body starts to shed all of that hair that it missed during your pregnancy. This causes you to lose large chunks of hair at a time, and heart attacks after every shower!

Kidding.. well sort of. I mean, what’s scarier than seeing piles of your hair on the ground after brushing it?

The average human loses around 80 hairs a day. During postpartum hair loss, the average lost is 400 hairs a day.. yes, I typed that out right… 400… hairs… lost… PER DAY!

The good news in all of this is postpartum hair loss is completely normal and it will grow back! The bad news is, you’ll most likely be stuck with some sparse patches for a few months while your hair runs its course and then an incredibly awkward phase once those regrowth hairs reach a few inches long.

So now that we understand what postpartum hair loss is, here’s what you can do to manage it.

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Managing Postpartum Hair Loss with Ways That Actually Work! All about what is postpartum hair loss, reasons for postpartum hair loss, and how to hide postpartum hair loss | ELYSE MORENCY BLOG- Motherhood & Beauty |

How to Manage Postpartum Hair Loss

Continue Taking Your Vitamins

No, I don’t mean Sugar Bear Hair or any other marketed vitamins directed towards growing your hair faster and stronger. They don’t work, they will not work, so don’t waste your money! During pregnancy you should be taking prenatal vitamins. These are also the kind of vitamins you should continue to take while you work through you postpartum hair loss. They’re filled with all the right nutrients and the number one tip for growing stronger hair is to eat well and ensure you have a nutrient rich diet. Biotin is another great vitamin for hair growth because it improves the keratin infrastructure of the hair which is the basic protein that makes up hair, skin, and nails.

Make sure to consult a doctor before taking any new vitamins to ensure they’re right for you.

Invest in a Good Shampoo and Conditioner

Investing in a good shampoo and conditioner during postpartum hair loss is a really important step in managing your hair during this time. Due to the hormone imbalance, it cause your hair to become brittle and dry which could lead to more hair loss and damage. Using salon quality shampoo and conditioners which are made for dry and brittle hair can help restore the strands and and improve the strength and feel of your hair. Products with protein and moisture will your best friends during this time. Just make sure to get an equal balance of both for the best results, as too much protein can make the hair stiff (think stuffing a sausage too full. Too much filler aka protein can cause breakage). My favourite mixture is Redken Extreme Shampoo with Redken All Soft Mega Conditioner.

Use a Wet Brush

When managing postpartum hair loss, the last thing you want to be doing is tugging at your already delicate hair strands. Using a good Wet Brush means protecting your hair in any state and ensuring you are being gentle with it. These brushes are great even if you aren’t experiencing postpartum hair loss because they’re so comfortable to use and they come in the CUTEST designs!

Scrunchies and Hair Clips

One of the leading causes of damage to your hair is by wearing it up with elastics (check out how the mom bun ruined my hair). When you use hair elastics to put your hair up all the time, it causes repetitive damage to the strands which can lead to breakage in those areas. Before I even started seeing any postpartum hair regrowth, I noticed my hair had been damaged from wearing it up in the mom bun for 4 months straight. So, as per the recommendation of my hairstylist, I started wearing my hair up with only scrunchies and I noticed a change within weeks of making the switch. The material of scrunchies is so much gentler on the hair so they don’t tug or snag it, meaning it causes less stress and less damage.

Hair clips are another great way to wear your hair up and out of your face without the damage from the mom bun! They’re super on trend right now which means you’ll have a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Switch Up Your Part

You’ll find that your postpartum hair loss happens in clumps around your hair line. The nice thing about this is the ability to hide it if your hair is down by switching your part. I have always been someone who wore her part on the side of her head. But once the hair loss started, the hair around my temples became noticeably more sparse, so I switched up my part and wore in down the middle for a bit to hide the sides! It was a fun way to change up my look without having to do anything drastic and it covered my bald spots perfectly.

Fill in Any Sparse Spots with Eyeshadow

This one is a golden ticket trick I’ve learned. When you want to fool people into thinking your hair is thicker, especially in the hairline area, grab an eyeshadow which is close to your hair colour and fill in the gaps. Then, spray some hairspray over the areas to lock it place and your’re good to go for the day! Just don’t forget to wash it off at night, otherwise you may be in for a big surprise the next morning.

Use a Straightener to Redirect Any Spike Regrowth

Once you pass through the postpartum hair loss phase, all that hair starts to grow back in. This is a good thing! However, the regrowth process might just be worse than the hair loss process, in my books. Nothing makes is more difficult to work with than the halo of baby hairs growing in around your hairline and head. I like to use my straightener to flatten and redirect the baby hairs so they don’t stick so straight up and out. Using a mini one like this one is great because it can get those tiny pieces without burning your fingers.

Hairstyles to Hide Postpartum Hair Loss and Regrowth

Managing Postpartum Hair Loss with Ways That Actually Work! All about what is postpartum hair loss, reasons for postpartum hair loss, and how to hide postpartum hair loss | ELYSE MORENCY BLOG- Motherhood & Beauty |

This style works well if you have the most hair loss around your temples. Curl your hair to give yourself some more volume, pin you side pieces either just above or right behind your ears making sure to pull the hair over to hide any sparse areas, and you’re good to go!

Managing Postpartum Hair Loss with Ways That Actually Work! All about what is postpartum hair loss, reasons for postpartum hair loss, and how to hide postpartum hair loss | ELYSE MORENCY BLOG- Motherhood & Beauty |

I love this hairstyle for the days when I should have washed my hair, but didn’t. Spray some dry shampoo in it to add some texture and volume, tie it back with an elastic in a low ponytail, grab a piece from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin. I like to pull the sides out a little so it fakes some more volume and hides the places around my hairline that are missing the most hair.

Managing Postpartum Hair Loss with Ways That Actually Work! All about what is postpartum hair loss, reasons for postpartum hair loss, and how to hide postpartum hair loss | ELYSE MORENCY BLOG- Motherhood & Beauty |

If you are looking for a way to get your hair out of your face that isn’t pulling it back into a ponytail, revealing your spotty hairline or scary regrowth hair, this look is for you. Start with a simple inside out french braid on one (or both) sides. Secure the end with an elastic and start pulling the brid apart to give it some volume. I try to focus on pulling the braid apart around the areas of my temples which are missing some hair so it covers the bald spots. Then take a bobby pin and secure the braid behind your ear. Finish it off by pulling the loose hair back to the front to cover the end of the braid and your out the door!

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