Spring and Summer Must Have Makeup Products

I am the type of person who switches up her makeup with the seasons. I find myself drawn to dark colours in the fall, matte finishes and reds during the winter, pinks and corals during the spring, and glowy, natural makeup in the summer! With spring and summer coming up I have pulled out my must have products for this time of year and I’m going to share them with you!

Here are my must have makeup products for spring and summer time 🙂

Some of these links are affiliate links. Clicking them doesn’t cost you anymore or less, but I do make a small commission if you purchase a product.

Sephora Gradual Self-Tanning Face Water

Since I am super protective of my skin, I make sure to always have sunscreen on my face and because of that I often end up with a pale face that doesn’t match the rest of my body during the summer. I also am an avid self tanner and I find my body self tanner to be too dark for my face. This Sephora Self-Tanning Face Water is amazing to help with this issue! It’s a gradual colour that sows up as a beautiful natural sun-kissed glow after applying it for a couple of days. It fades seamlessly and smells like the beach. I will moisturize my face before bed, put some of this on a cotton pad and then work it into my skin. I notice a difference in colour usually by the next day and after a few days of consistent use, my face looks like it matches the rest of my body!

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

As the weather gets warmer, I find myself wanting a lighter feel to my makeup. The worst feeling is having face full of makeup on the sweltering hot days. I find myself reaching for the IT Cosmetics CC Cream on a daily basis because it is full of great ingredients for your skin, it’s easy to apply (most days I just apply with my fingers), it feels like a moisturizer but has amazing coverage with a natural glowy finish, AND as if the previous stuff wasn’t enough, it has an SPF of 50! As mentions above, I am super protective of my face so I always feel great knowing that this product has me covered when I’m wearing it.

How many times have you been running out the door, kids in tow, only to realized you haven’t gotten yourself ready?

With my 5 Minute Mom Makeup you can get ready for the day in less time than it takes your toddler to get into the cat food! It comes with all the product recommendations, step by step instructions so you can feel and look your best while raising your family, quickly and easily.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

When I am wearing a more natural foundation on my skin, I like to make sure that the concealer I use matches that finish. It’s important to make sure your products all blend seamlessly together so ensuring your concealer and foundation are of the same finish can really help that. Since I go for more glowy finishes of foundation, I like using the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer because it has a great coverage with a beautiful radiant finish to it. It’s perfect for brightening up under the eyes and lasts all day long.

bareMinerals Hydrating Mineral Veil

With the warmer weather, you want to make sure you’re setting your face makeup so it lasts all day long. Nothing is more defeating than leaving the house in the morning feeling great about your makeup and then getting home later and realizing it’s melted off your face! The bareMinerals Hydrating Mineral Veil is a really great lightweight translucent setting powder that has hydrating beads in it to keep your skin looking glowy and moisturized, while helping keep your makeup in place all day. A little bit goes a long way with this stuff. Plus is great for your skin so you don’t have to worry about sweating through it and clogging your pores!

Becca Sunlit Bronzer

Just as you want your foundation and concealer to match finishes, I like to continue that with my powders for the spring and summer. The Becca Sunlit Bronzers have a really natural sheen to them which give you that sun-kissed bronze glow while maintaining the natural looking skin. It’s incredibly buttery and easy to work with and just melts into the skin, giving you that “I’ve just been outside all day” bronzed look. This is actually a great all year round product but it really stands out in the summer.

Milani Luminoso Blush

This blush is a cult favourite for sure. It’s a baked blush that give you the most gorgeous “glow from within” to your cheeks which is perfect for the warmer weather. It’s got a peachy, terracotta colouring to it and tiny shimmers which makes your skin look healthy and radiant. It’s also so affordable and can be found at the drugstore! This is a colour which I use every single day in the summer. It’s got just the right amount of peach tones to it to give you a slight flush, but is natural enough that it makes you look so bronzed and sun-kissed.

Mac Mineralized Skinfinish Natural

This Mac Mineralized Skinfinish powder is one which is perfect for the days that you either don’t want to wear much at all, or you just want to add a little more coverage to your foundation without it looking cakey or heavy. For the days you don’t want to wear very much makeup, dust a little bit of this all over your face to even out your complexion while maintaining your skins natural texture. It’s got a natural radiant finish so it doesn’t look powdery at all. It also does a great job of adding some more coverage to foundation since it’s got a natural finish. This is a powder that I have loved for years and I don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

If you are looking for the perfect natural, yet full coverage foundation, look no further! This foundation has an amazing full coverage to it, but it has the most skin like appearance which just makes you look like you were born with perfect skin. Since I am all about the natural look and glow skin during the spring and summer time, this foundation is perfect. It covers everything I need covered, it looks like skin, it stays put all day, and it’s so lightweight you won’t even feel it on your skin. I like to apply it with a beauty sponge for a super natural finish or a brush for a higher coverage.

Wet N’ Wild Retractable Brow Pencil

One of the most important steps in your makeup routine are your eyebrows, and in the warmer weather you want to make sure they stay where you put them! I have been loving the Wet N’ Wild Brow Pencil because it’s $3.99… let that soak in…$3..99… CRAZY! It has a really good waxy texture to it which helps it stay in place all day but it is still really easy to work with. This will be my new go to eyebrow pencil for a very long time.

Mac Fix Plus

This product is gold. Mac Fix + great for no makeup days, heavy makeup days, and everything in between. It’s a facial spray which one, feels like heaven on your face, and two, gives the most amazing glow to the skin! I will use this before I apply any makeup as a primer because it has glycerin in it which helps the makeup stick to the face, plus it’s so hydrating that if I have any dry patches, my makeup just glides over them. I will also apply it at the end of my makeup to soak up any powders and lock in my makeup while adding the glow back into my skin. It’s a tried and true and a must have in your makeup kit for spring and summer!

Talk Soon xoxo

8 thoughts on “Spring and Summer Must Have Makeup Products

  1. MAC Fix plus is heaven in a bottle and I love Milani Luminoso. I’ve never tried that MAC powder before but it’s definitely loved by the beauty community. What skin type do you have? We have a lot in common when it comes to fav products! Absolutely love these photos and have a good night.

    1. My skin is a little more on the dry side now, but it will get oily when I wear makeup all day. The Mac fix plus is incredible! Feels so good on the face. I’m trying out some new face sprays but am hesitant that anything will live up to it!

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