Spring Lipsticks For Everyone!

With the warmer, sunnier days among us it’s time to brighten up your makeup look with some bright lipsticks! Spring time is my favourite time when it comes to branching out with my makeup. The weather just has me craving bright pinks, corals, and oranges.

While there are so many amazing brands of lipsticks out there, I will always have a special place in my heart for MAC as they’re where my obsession and addiction started. I have a handful of amazing spring lipsticks that I think are perfect for anyone looking to add to their collection. These colours range from modest to bold and can fit almost every skin tone.

Mac Morange


Mac Morange is the perfect spring colour if you are a lover of red lipstick. It’s an orange based red which instantly warms up any skin tone. It’s an amplified finish so it’s not for the faint of heart but it is a beautiful shade that can be worn in spring all the way through summer. This is a colour that can make a look all on it’s own. It pairs well with a simple eye look, lashes, and a bronze glow!

Mac Chatterbox


If you are new with brighter lipsticks and are looking to step outside your comfort zone, Chatterbox is your colour. It’s a beautiful rose toned pink, which is brighter then your everyday neutrals but not as loud as some other colours. It’s great starter colour for someone looking to go bright without blinding. It pairs great with a light, bubble gum pink blush and a soft rosy eye look.

Mac Sushi Kiss

Sushi Kiss

Mac Sushi Kiss is a colour for those who are looking to change up their normal colours, but aren’t looking for anything too bold. The peachy tone of the lipstick makes it a great neutral while still giving you that spring time vibe. It pairs best with a peachy blush, glowy skin, and warm tones on the eyes.

Mac Impassioned


This colour is the perfect bright pink for spring time. If you love a good statement pink, this is your colour. It does a great job of bringing out the warmth in the skin tone and pairs great with big lashes and a bold wing liner.

Mac Saint Germain

Saint Germain

This colour is a bright, barbie doll pink. If you like the lighter tones, you’ll love this. It’s a cool tone pink which suits any skin tone. While it may be a lighter tone, don’t let that fool you! It is just as bright as some of the darker tones listed in this post. It pairs great with Big Lashes, a clean face makeup, and a strong contour.

Talk soon xoxo

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