15 Ways to Pull Yourself Out of A Funk

I have been in a funk.

The past three or so weeks I’ve felt totally unlike myself and it felt like I was going through each day in a fog with no real purpose or goals. As someone who thrives off of packing the days with things to do, this was hard head space to pull myself out of.

When you’re lacking motivation, finding the energy to change the patterns and habits is hard. So rather than battling through it alone, I reached out to the amazing tribe on Instagram and asked for your advice, and let me tell you, it was incredible for more reasons than one.

The first reason was purely hearing that I was not alone. By the end of the gloomy winter, it sounded like more people than I realized were feeling the funk of being trapped inside and lack of sunshine over the past couple of months. The second reason was that getting different people’s perspectives and suggestions helped me look at the situation differently. It’s really difficult to find the way out of those funks sometimes so having fresh views on it is so refreshing.

I was so inspired to make a blog post about this topic because there are lots of others out there feeling this way and it’d be a shame not to share the great ideas I got from you guys!

So here is a round up of different ways you can pull yourself out of a funk when you’re feeling unmotivated from the amazing ladies of Instagram and myself.

  1. ” I was just in this little funk recently and I was sabotaging myself without even noticing. I realized getting back into a routine really helped me. Nothing too rigid, and I started small. I did a little yoga and that surprisingly helped me get back into the swing of things.” – Giselle @gisellesig

2. Switch up your meals. Coming up with new meals makes the days a little more exciting and gives you something new to look forward to!

3. ” Book a hair appointment or nail appointment, do a face mask, go to the gym, learn a new creative recipe, journal, go shopping! All things make me feel better when I’m in a funk.” – Ashley @ashleymacdonald9

4. Get out for daily walks when the weather is nice. You’d be surprised how much of a difference 15 minutes in the sun can do for your mood.

5. ” I have been in such a funk and I broke out of it three weeks ago. It was a gradual process. I started by switching from TV to podcasts to shove some real information into my brain and teach it how to think again. Then, I established small rituals like sitting down with my morning cup of coffee and going for family walks at 4-5pm at night. The little tiny things helped me feel like a real person again.” – Bekah @mama.in.a.madhouse

6. Try and plan to do something different every day. When you get stuck int he same routine you can start to feel trap in a rut.

7. “The gym!! But not just for the exercise… I love the sauna and hot tub.” – Rachel @mamainthewilderness

8. Go window shopping! Sometimes just trying on new clothes can make you feel great about yourself and spark inspiration.

9. ” Switching my nutrition made a huge difference. I became a new person because I finally felt good.” – Jill @therealjilljohnson

10. Start a gratitude Journal. Writing down things you are grateful for in the day can really open your eyes to all the good around you which can sometimes get lost when things feel hard.

11. “Give myself time to feel the funk and then make sure I exercise. It’s impossible to ignore endorphins!” Courtney @fromyowwithlove

12. Create a playlist with a bunch of songs that make you feel good. Play it when you wake up in the morning to start your day off in a good mood!

13. ” Write down why I’m not happy. Then, I write down which top 3 I will work on and make a plan.” – Rachel @rachburns.si

14. Find a new podcast to listen to. It can be anything that you find uplifting! My personal favourites are Jenna Kutcher, Jenny Melrose, and Allie Casazza.

15. Get out and see friends! Nothing makes you feel better than reconnecting with the people you love most. Surround yourself with people who make you want to reach your goals and uplift your spirits.

When you’re in a funk, make sure you remember two things. One, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and two, THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Big hugs. You will get through it 🙂

Talk soon xoxo

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