At Home Date Night Ideas

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About a week ago I had mentioned on Instagram how Bryn and I had started going out on regular date nights again and so many people had commented how they would love to get back into it as well, but haven’t yet. We are lucky to have family that lives really close to us who are able to help out and babysit so we can go out and have our date nights, but not everyone has that available to them, and realistically, by the end of the day, who has the energy to get dressed up and go out on a regular basis?!

It took us almost 9 months after having R to finally get back into making time for our relationship, but it has been great for us as a couple and I honestly wish we had started it sooner. Nothing prepares you for the strain having a baby can take on your relationship, and making time for each other should be a priority.

Since I am a firm believer in taking the time for yourself and your relationship after having a baby, here are some fun date ideas you can use so you can have your date night, without leaving the house!

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At Home Date Night Ideas | Elyse Morency Blog |

Cook A Date Night Dinner Together

Growing up, my parents used to spend an hour or so in the kitchen while they cooked dinner, just the two of them. They’d pour some wine and just chat about their day while they cooked dinner together. It was special because most of the days as a parent are spent running around and this gave them time to just sit and be present with each other.

For a date night in, start the night after the kids have gone to bed and grab a bottle of wine, pull out your cookbooks and cook dinner together! It’s a cute date idea that allows you to spend time together in a way that is different and out of the normal routine. Plus, it is a cheap date idea compared to going out for dinner or ordering in!

Don’t want to do to much prep? Food services like Hello Fresh are great for nights like this since they deliver everything you’ll need for your dinner, prepped and ready for you to cook with! It’s a really convenient way to try out new recipes.

Some of our favourite cookbooks to pull from are Eat Delicious and Oh She Glows.

Movie Night Date Night

Often times when we are having an at home date night, we pick a movie to watch together. It’s something simple, which usually ends up with us talking over it the entire time, but for some reason we continue to do it. Since I’m currently on maternity leave, I watch a lot of netflix (and a lot is an understatement) so what we will sometimes do are pick movies which we know we’re going to watch on a date night and make a list. We only watch those movies when we are together. This way I don’t watch all the movies Bryn would also like to see, while I’m at home during the day.

If you’re looking for at home date night suggestions which are quick and affordable, you can plan out you next couple of months worth of date nights and schedule which movie you’re going to watch, and when! Stock up on some candy and pop corn and make the night special by adding things to it you wouldn’t normally do.

Have A Wine Tasting Date Night

You could also do this with beer! This one might take some planning but it is worth it! Look into buy a few different wines than you would normally drink and look up some food that pair well with them and have your own wine and food pairing night, at home! Anything that takes you out of the normal routine makes for a great night, but when you add wine into the mix, I’m sold. There are a ton of websites that will help you find the best pairings for the wines you buy. You can also pull out the fancy wine glasses and charcuterie board to make it that much more special!

Board Game Night

Bryn and I used to play a ton of board games when we first started dating. It was never really my thing, but I was aiming to impress so you, naturally I pretended like it was my favourite thing in the world (that was an awkward thing to tell him later on). But that being said, we do still like to play a game every once in a while when we get the chance! Our favourite two player game is definitely Pandemic. If you get really good at it, it can take a little while but it is a fun game to play with some wine and good company.

Becoming parents shouldn’t mean you forget about your relationship. I think it is so important to continue to put each other as a priority, otherwise it is way to easy to fall into a routine and lose touch with your partner. Getting out of the house isn’t always an option for date night but having a date night in means you can get the best of both worlds! Movie nights, wine tasting, and board games are just as good as going out to a fancy restaurant. In fact, I think I would much rather have a night in, rather than a night out!

Enjoy your date night, Mama

Talk soon xoxo

At Home Date Night Ideas After Children Go To Bed | Elyse Morency Blog |

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3 thoughts on “At Home Date Night Ideas

  1. When our first was born I vividly remember having some wine on a Friday night and watching food network/hgtv in our bedroom while he slept and by the glow of the tv we would chat and catch up on the week and we felt connected and like adults.

    12 years later, while the kids watch tv or play video games, we still sit together on Fridays, with wine, and catch up (no tv 😉

    Love you ideas! Cooking together is fun!

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