9 Month Old Baby Schedule

I never considered myself one to follow schedules. I liked the ability to do what I wanted, on my own time. Then I had a baby and now my entire life is based around my 9 month old’s schedule and God help anyone who gets in the way of it!

After having children, you come to realize very quickly how important keeping a routine with your baby can be. Not only does it give your life some (very small) form of predictability, it can be the deciding factor if you will have an easy day or a challenging day with your baby. I can determine what kind of night we’re going to have with R based solely on how much he has eaten and how his naps were that day.

As challenging as it can be some days, it is so worth it. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy days that run smoothly and full night sleeps, so if that means I am home every day at the same time to make sure R naps, I’m there no questions ask!

Now that our schedule has stayed consistent I wanted to share it in case you are looking for a guide for your own 9 month old baby.

Check out our schedule below!

6:30 am- Morning Wake Time & Feeding (bottle)

Some days R will wake up earlier than 6:30am but I make an effort to not go in earlier than 6:30am. Typically he will wake up and play quietly in his crib until I come in to get him. Depending on his mood I will change his diaper right away or right after he eats (he’s definitely mine cause the hangry attitude is reaaaal with this one). I will make him an 8 oz bottle and he’ll typically eat between 6-8 oz of it. Anything left over I will give to him here and there while he plays until he finishes it. I have learned that he is easily distracted lately and some days he just wants to play instead of finishing his bottle so instead of fighting him on it, I work around it.

9 month old baby schedule | Elyse Morency Blog |

7:00 am- Independent Playtime

This is the time of day where R will typically be most inclined and happy to play on his own either in his pack n play or exersaucer. I’ll take this time to drink my coffee and go through social media and catch up on anything that came in from the night before.

Some mornings this doesn’t work out and he is more adventurous so my coffee is drank on the go while we cruise around the apartment and chase after the cats.

9:00 am- Feeding (bottle) & Nap

Every baby will be different, but I know R needs to eat a ton during the day to ensure long naps and a full (uninterrupted) night sleep. I will give him another 6 oz bottle before putting him down for his first nap of the day which usually results in a 1.5-2 hour nap in the mornings.

9 month old baby schedule | Elyse Morency Blog |

11:00 am- Lunch (solid food)

After R’s first nap I will feed him his solid food for lunch. This consists of baby cereal mixed with some kind of puree fruit and/or veggie mix. I wish I could say I’m the parent who makes all her baby food homemade, but I’m not. I usually get the Presidents Choice Organics Puree Squeeze Pouches or the Compliments Organics Baby Food Puree. Since I’m not making the food myself, I make sure to check the ingredients are minimal and don’t have much (if any) added sugars to them. As for the baby cereal, we go with the Heinz Baby Rice Cereal that you just mix water with. R loves this one and would gobble down the whole package if we’d let him!

Here’s what we use for baby tablewear:

11:30 am- Activity Time

After we have lunch, I try to bring R to a baby playgroup of some sort. Our favourite has been the gymnastics center I used to work at because it starts right after lunch and runs for an hour. If we don’t go out, I at least try and do something that burns off his energy and fosters his curiosity. Sometimes we just go run around the basketball court in our building! It’s the perfect space for it as it is closed off and padded. Plus, just getting out of the apartment is great.

9 month old baby schedule | Elyse Morency Blog |

12:30 pm- Feeding (bottle)

Once we’ve burned off as much energy as we possible can, I feed R a bottle of 6-8 oz. He’s usually worked up a big appetite and like mentioned above, he sleeps best on a full stomach.

1:00 pm- Afternoon Nap

Once we’re done the bottle and a quick diaper change, it’s on to our second nap of the day! This nap can go one of two ways. It’s either just under an hour or he’s still sleeping at 3 pm and we have to go in and wake him up.

We don’t let him sleep longer than 3 pm because we aim for between a 6-6:30 pm bedtime and this is the perfect length of time to ensure a tired (but not overtired) baby at bedtime.

3:00 pm- Feeding (bottle)

After the second nap we have another bottle of between 6-8 oz. He won’t often finish it right away but over the span of an hour it is usually gone.

9 month old baby schedule | Elyse Morency Blog |

3:30 pm- Play Time

I like to put R in the Jolly Jumper around this time. Usually I’ve reached a point of exhaustion so I will let him bounce around while I drink a coffee or just sit and relax for a couple of minutes. Depending on the day, he’ll jump for around 20 minutes before he gets bored. After that, we do whatever will keep him occupied until dinner time. Sometimes it’s putting him in the Pack N Play, other times it is turning on Netflix and letting him watch some TV. This time of the day is definitely survival mode with a running clock counting down to bedtime (for both of us).

4:30 pm- Dinner (solids)

For dinner I give R some kind of protein and starch puree mix. He’s been loving the Heinz Sweet Potato and Turkey mix, but anything with sweet potato is typically his favourite.

5:30 pm- Bath Time

We don’t do nightly baths anymore because R’s eczema is pretty bad and the constant baths haven’t been helping. We’ll do a bath once every 2 days and in between we’ll do a full body wipe down with wipes. After bathtime I slather him up in Cetaphil Moisturizer and Aveeno Baby Nighttime Eczema cream and put on a clean pair of pajamas.

6:00 pm- Bedtime

Bedtime is one of my favourite times of the day with R. We will sit in his room and I’ll give him an 8 oz bottle and then once he’s done eating, we cuddle. This is the only time of the day that I can get him to slow down enough to actualy cuddle. He wasn’t a very cuddley baby either so I cherish these bedtime moments. I try to stop myself from letting him fall asleep on me (although some nights I just need some extra baby cuddles, so it happens) and I will put him in his crib drowsy. It doesn’t take him long after I leave the room to fall asleep.

I try to stick to the same baby schedule everyday but some days he has other plans! Regardless of if things go as planned or not, just having a routine has made a huge difference in how we go about the day. It gives us a baseline to work with which makes things much easier.

Talk soon xoxo

9 month old baby schedule | Elyse Morency Blog |

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