The Busy Moms Nightly Skin Care Routine

You’ve just finished cleaning up dinner and the kids are finally asleep. You’ve reached the part of the day when you can sit down for the first time in hours, sans children, and enjoy a glass of wine before going straight to bed.

And then you remember you still have to wash your face and take off your makeup.

This is the feeling I hate most. As much as I love putting on makeup, the process of taking it off or even washing my face at the end of the day feels like the largest task on the planet.

Honestly, what busy mom wants to sit in the bathroom every night and apply 9 different face creams for an hour before crawling into bed and crashing for the night? Not I, friend. Not I.

This is my Busy Mom Nightly Skin Care Routine so you can go to bed feeling good about your skin in as much time as it takes for your toddler to go from sitting beside you to playing in the cats food bowl.

Multi-Tasking Cleanser

When it comes to removing my makeup, I want a product that will fully remove my makeup wtih the least amount of effort. My current favourite is plain old baby wash. Yup, the stuff you probably have gallons of sitting around your house! It’s gentle enough to be used on baby skin and it’s tear free so it makes a great cleanser to remover a full face of makeup. Another favourite is Micellar water, but I go through it much quicker and find the baby wash to be a better bang for your buck.


I typically find myself using cleansers that claim to do it all. The Arbonne Prepwork cleanser I have been using has been pretty good since it exfoliates (and is gentle enough to be used daily), it has anti-aging benefits, and brightens the skin (anything to fake the sleep I wish I was getting).

Since I am a skin care junkie, once I run out of this cleanser, I will most likely be trying a new one. There were some parts of it I didn’t love so next on the list to try will be Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel. It has all the same great qualities as the arbonne cleanser, minus the exfoliating beads (glycolic acid is a gentle exfoliator) and with the added bonus of unclogging pores!


In my own routine, I use two moisturizing components. I use a serum and a moisturizer. These two steps are not necessary for everyone, I just like the feeling of extra hydrated skin as I find mine dries out quite quickly. My current loves have been Laneige Bright Dew Emulsion and Laneige Water Bank Intensive Moisture Cream. If you are looking to cut down your final step to only one product, depending on your skin type you could use only the Emulsion (for oily skin) or only the moisture cream (for normal skin).

Pro Tip: Moisturizers have larger molecules so they are harder for your skin to absorb it. To get the most out of your moisturizer, press the product into your skin with your hands, rather than rubbing it in. By pressing the product in you are distributing more of the moisture components into your skin.

The Busy Mom Skin Care Routine | Elyse Morency Blog|

Just because you’re a busy mom on the go, doesn’t mean your skin has to suffer! By using products that are good at multi-tasking you can effectively keep your skin in good condition with minimal time and effort.

For an added bonus, you can use a face mask once a week while you finish up your tasks for the day to give your skin an extra boost without taking anymore time out of your already busy day! My favourite masks are the Sephora Brand Clay Masks and the Origins Face Masks.

Talk Soon xoxo

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