Favourite 6-9 Month Baby Products

The past 3 months have brought with it a ton of new changes in our lives and Rhys’ development. Over the last few months he has started crawling, eating solid foods, is learning to feed himself, furniture walking, lots and lots of talking and laughing, and an overall curiosity for everything around him.

Since there has been such a jump in his development there has also been a huge shift in our products we use everyday, so here are our most used baby products from 6-9 months.

6-9 Month Baby Toys | Elyse Morency Blog|

Presidents Choice Heat Sensitive Spoons

Okay, the one thing I was not prepared for when it came to parenting was how challenging finding the right baby spoon would be.

Yup, I know, sounds super dramatic. But hear me out.

Finding the right spoon to feed you baby with is like winning the lottery. The PC spoons are great because it holds the right amount of food for your baby, fits in their mouth easily, and is easy to clean. Plus the heat detecting material takes all the guessing out of serving warmed up food. We tried so many other spoons and they were either too big for Rhys’ mouth, were too deep so he couldn’t get all the food off the spoon, or they were weirdly shaped. If your on the hunt for a great, and super affordable, baby spoon check these out!

Pack N Play a.k.a Baby Jail

Also known as Moms sanity.

When the little’s start crawling, your life literally changes forever. Remember the times when you could put your baby down on a play mat and drink your coffee hot? Yeah, say goodbye to those moments. If I put Rhys down now, he is instantly on the move towards any object or space he definitely shouldn’t be (ie: stairs, under our desks, or into the cats food bowls).

I started putting him in the Pack N’ Play when I needed to get some work down and it has been a game changer! I throw in some of his toys and plonk him down in it. It gives him the freedom to move around and do what he wants but it gives me the ability to focus on other things (like writing this post) and not having to chase after him the entire time.


Ikea High Chair

If I’m being honest, I didn’t expect to love this one as much as I do. I had been looking at the more expensive and intricate highchairs but we were given this one by a friend and it was an instant kind of love.

It’s all plastic which means we can get as messy as we want during meal time and the clean up is so easy. A quick wipe down with some Lysol wipes and we are clean and ready for the next meal.

You can get the chair for an incredible price and they have the padding inserts if you wanted to make it more comfortable, but we like it without the inserts since it’s more convenient and Rhys doesn’t seem to mind!

Carter’s Feeding Bib

Rhys has a big head and finding bibs that fit him have been hard. We got so many cute ones when he was born and couldn’t use any because they didn’t fit around his neck.

My sister actually got us these Carter’s bibs and they are amazing! They’re water proof, they have a nice big neck hole and they come in the cutest patterns.

We ended up stocking up and now we have enough for a new one each day of the week.

MAM Soothers

We ended up getting sick twice over the span of a month and I swear these soothers are the only thing that helped Rhys (and us) get any sleep. We only give Rhys his soothers when he’s sleeping so they have become part of his nap/ bed time routine. When he was sick, he was super congested and was having a lot of trouble breathing through his nose. These soother were perfect because the space around the base of them allowed him to sleep with them in his mouth, but to breathe with his mouth open. I think our sleep would have suffered a lot more had we not been using these.

They’re also a great shape for him to hold so taking them out and putting them in his mouth is really easy.

Side note: While we were battling the colds, the Nose Frida was amazing. The babies hate it and they’ll kick and scream while you suck the snot out but it works better than any other snot sucker we have tried.


Over the past 6 months Rhys has been struggling with a lot of eczema on his body. The worst spots are his shoulders, inner arm, and behind his knees. Previously I had mentioned that the Glaxal Base was working really well, but as the eczema got worse the Glaxal Base was not strong enough.

We switched to Cerave Moisturizer and it was an instant improvement in his skin. It was the first product that we had put on and were able to feel the difference immediately.

Once we ran out of the CeraVe I picked up the Cetaphil Moisturizer and found that it was very comparable to the CeraVe. It’s not heavy feeling or greasy but it still leaves the skin feeling really moisturized.

I actually think the Cetaphil was ever so slightly more hydrating but I we will happily use both because they have done the best job at minimizing the eczema flare ups.

Enjoy the new phase of life with your babes because when people tell you “everything’s a phase” they aren’t kidding! Things change over night when they’re this young and it’s incredible to watch.

Talk soon xoxo

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