Surviving The Days: The Best Ways To Help You Unwind

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should. Hello.. lets be friends!) you probably saw that this past week tested all my emotions and capabilities as a mother.

It started last Thursday when Rhys got sick. I actually missed a regular post, for the first time since starting this blog in October, because he was needing my full attention. Over the span of the seven days after that, he started teething and furniture walking, and his cold didn’t get any better. By Wednesday I had had enough (to say the least).

After talking to the mom tribe (yes, we are a tribe. And yes, you should join it!) it sounded like almost everyone had had a similar week. This got me thinking about how as moms, we often run ourselves dry trying to take care of everyone and everything.

So, in honor of taking back the self care time we as moms deserve, and have definitely earned, here are my top ways to help you unwind and survive another day!

Mom Juice

This can be any drink of your choice (mine is usually coffee until it is acceptable to start drinking wine). Whatever it is go and stock up and treat yourself.

Find a fancy glass, pull out the good stuff, sit down once everyone is in bed, and sip your mom juice. Forget the dishes that have piled up (they will be there when you are done), forget the laundry (who needs clean matching socks?), and don’t pay attention to the mountain of toys scattered across your floor (I promise they will be there later). At this moment you are going to focus only on your drink and try to shut off for a couple of minutes.

Take A Bath

I am a huge fan of baths. I took them all throughout my pregnancy and continue to do it now. They’re especially good for when it’s -35 degrees outside and you’ve had a particularly tough day or week.

If you want to add some flare to your baths, here are my favourite products:


By the end of the day, I usually feel like my head is swimming with everything I’m trying to keep track of up there. It makes it really challenging to fall asleep at night when I constantly feel like I’m going to forget something.

Lately I’ve been writing in a journal before bed. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal, but when days are really hectic, I will brain dump first. I’ve been brain dumping (writing everything down that’s in your head) for almost 4 years now and it has been life changing. It is so settling knowing that I can relax without forgetting anything later. I actually keep a note pad beside my bed so I can roll over and scribble things down if I need to.


I have totally fallen off the exercise train since having Rhys but my mood almost always suffers when that happens. Since the past week has been tough, I’ve started working out again and it has been a huge mood booster. I don’t spend hours at the gym, I just follow a couple of youtube videos which work for me and I can get a full workout in in 20 minutes while Rhys naps.

I always end my days feel productive when I’ve worked out. It doesn’t matter if I had gotten my entire to-do list completed or sat on the couch all day, if I worked out, I felt productive.

At the end of the day, remember the following sentence:

You are killin’ it.

Whether you feel like it or not, I can guarantee you are doing better than you think you are.

You got this, Mama.

Now go relax!

Talk soon xoxo

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