Minimalist Valentine’s Day Makeup

Valentine’s Day is only a little over two weeks away and if you’re like me, you are more excited for a reason to dress up than you are to actually go anywhere (sorry Bryn).

I wanted to put together makeup look that was effect and quick, that only took a couple of products (because #momlife, am I right?). So, to create this makeup look you only really need three products! If you want to use more products, you can, but the basis of this look only takes three: Blush, Bronzer, and Highlighter. With these three products you’ll be able to emphasis all of the features that give you that classic soft and sultry look for Valentine’s Day!


The first step to this makeup look is bronzer. You’re going to use this all around the perimeter of the face to add warmth and shape, and then in the crease of the eyes.

Pro Tip: Depending on the look you want to go for, you can vary the intensity of the product. For a softer more natural look, use a light hand to dust it on. For a heavier, more night time look, start by fluffing it around the face with a bigger brush and then go back in with a smaller, more dense brush to really define the area’s such as the cheek bones and crease of the eyes.


When I think of Valentine’s Day makeup, I think of pinks and rosy cheeks. I decided to go a little heavier handed with the blush than I normally would, and I switched up my go-to warm beige tone for a bright pink colour.

I also added a light wash of the blush on my eyelids to add a subtle pop of colour to the eye makeup.

Pro Tip: Apply the blush to your eyelids with your finger for a more opaque application. For a lighter application, apply the colour with a fluffy brush.


I am normally indifferent when it comes to highlighter, I think it looks nice, but I am picky with the ones I use since I like a natural glow, not the beaming shimmery disco ball look, so sometimes I just opt out of it all together. That being said, when it comes to Valentine’s Day makeup, I love a good highlight! When applied to the right places it can add a beautiful glow to the face.

For this look I applied it to the tops of the cheek bones sweeping it over the apples of the cheeks, down the nose, on the brow bone and slightly above the eyebrow up towards the hairline, cupids bow (the dip above your lip), and on my chin.

Pro Tip: to really melt your highlighter into the skin use your fingers to tap it out after applying it with a brush.

That is all there is to it! Three products to do your eyes and face makeup! It’s a quick and easy look that you can put on and feel great about on Valentine’s Day.

The full list of products are listed below if you want to take your look up one more notch:

Talk soon xoxo

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