Celebrating Valentines Day In,With A Baby

With Valentines Day in a month, we’ve started thinking about what we want to do this year.

This Valentines Day is a little different for us. It’s our first year as parents, and as much as we’d like to go out and have a fancy night out of the house, we’d much rather spend it at home with Rhys as a family. However, some time for just mom and dad would still be nice. If you have children, you know how quickly the time you spend together changes once that new baby arrives. Your conversations turn into diaper talk and daily scheduling instead of talking about each other.

This got me thinking about ways to make the day special without having to do anything extravagant. I mean, it’s the little things that really matter, right?

In this post I’m going to share with you all the ways you can make Valentines Day special with your partner, even with a baby around!

Get Up and Cook Breakfast Together

We very rarely get up at the same time in our house. Since I am off work, I am on night duty and morning wake ups with Rhys. I am naturally an early riser so the 5:30 am wake up time isn’t as much of a shock to my system as it is for Bryn.

Since getting up at the same time and having breakfast together is something we don’t do often, doing it on Valentines Day feels like a special treat. We are planning a big meal and we’ll spend the morning in the kitchen together while Rhys sits with us and has his own breakfast!

Get Dressed, Or Don’t

Whatever your norm is, do the opposite.

We are trying to make the day something that is different from our everyday routine so it feels special. For us, if we are at home we are usually in pajamas so on Valentines Day we are going to make the effort to get dressed in something that makes us feel good. It is always nice to put on an outfit that makes you feel your best.

If you typically get dressed and go to work, stay in your pajamas for the day! It’ll feel like such a treat!

Go Out As A Family

With the craziness of the days we often find ourselves running on opposite schedules. I’m up before Bryn, and when he is up getting ready to leave for the day, Rhys and I are on our first nap. Then by the end of the night when Bryn is coming home, Rhys is sleeping and I am getting ready for bed.

To make Valentines Day special we are going to plan an outing as a family. This could be something as simple as getting out for a walk! As long as you make it something you can all do together, that is all that matters.

Order In For Dinner

We don’t order dinner very often in our house. Since we moved to our new apartment last year and our kitchen being newly renovated, we enjoy cooking our meals at home! That being said, some nights it’s nice to not have to worry about it.

We received some restaurant gift cards at Christmas this year and we have been anxiously saving them for Valentines Day so we can order a nice meal for dinner. This is way simpler for us than going out since Rhys goes to bed at 5:30pm. We are planning on putting Rhys down to bed, opening a bottle of wine (or two), ordering our meal, and actually sitting down together and eating it while it is hot. It is going to be magical, and I can’t wait.

Watch A Movie Or TV Show

We all have a movie or TV show that we keep telling ourselves we need to watch, but never get around to it. Well Mama, now is the time!

Put it in your calendar, right it on a sticky note, do whatever you have to do to remember it because this is the night you actually sit down and watch that movie you’ve been waiting to watch.

Grab your cozy blankets, the bottle of wine you started at dinner, dim the lights, and cuddle up on the couch for a good ol’ fashion movie night, just the two of you.

Go To Bed At The Same Time

Another thing that very rarely happens in our house. We get a lot of our own work done at night and I often go to bed earlier than Bryn to try and get some sleep before the insanely early wake time that Rhys has. But I always forget how nice it is to go to bed at the same time. It makes a huge difference in our relationship when we make the effort to line up our bedtimes.

We are so excited to be spending our first Valentines Day with our baby, while still maintaining the special feeling of the day as a couple. I hope you and your family enjoy your Valentines Day and that you feel loved and appreciated!

Talk soon xoxo

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