$8 “Lip Fillers” You Can Do At Home

I will be the first to admit I love the look of plump, full lips. But unfortunately, mine are not naturally like that. I also don’t have the courage, or the money, to go get lip fillers done.

So instead, I fake it!

This makeup technique will help give the look of fuller lips, without any crazy makeup skills, and for only $8.00!

Step One: Line Your Lips

To start off the look you are going to take a lip liner which is a shade or two darker than your natural lip colour (or which ever lipstick colour you’re going to wear) and line your lips. You are also going to shade in the corner of your lips on the top and bottom, leaving the center blank.

This step is going to give the illusion of shadows, making your lips stand out and look bigger.

Pro Tip: To give the look of even bigger lips, you can over draw your natural lip shape slightly by lining your lips slightly above and below your natural lip line.

One of the best and most affordable lip liners are the Soft Contouring Lipliners from Essence. They apply smoothly and last all day long. The best thing about these is that they only cost $1.99!

Step Two: Apply Lipstick

The next step is to apply lipstick which is a shade or two lighter then your lip liner. By applying a colour lighter than your liner, you are adding the highlights back into your lips which draw the eyes towards the center, creating the illusion of a more plump pout!

Pro Tip: Choose a lipstick with a satin or cream finish. This will catch the light in all the right ways and really highlight the plump effect created with the light lipstick and darker lip liner.

My favourite lipsticks, which I use on all my clients, are the Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipsticks by Essence. These lipsticks are great because they don’t settle into any fine lines on your lips, they’re hydrating and don’t accentuate dry patches, and once again, incredibly affordable coming in at $3.99.

Step Three: Blend

This step is important in ensuring you have a seamless look between your liner and lipstick.

Once your lipstick is applied, go back in with your liner and lightly reapply in the areas you had originally lined your lips. This will redefine the shape and depth which might have been lost after the lipstick was applied.

Pro Tip: To really make sure the liner and lipstick are blended, tap your lipstick over the area where the liner stops to further blend the liner.

Step Four: Lip Gloss (Optional)

For the last step, you’re going to take a gloss which either matches the lipstick or is clear, and apply it just to the center of the lips and on the cupids bow. By apply the gloss in these areas, it amps up the amount of light reflected and really gives the look of full lips.

I’ve included this last step as optional because depending on the look you are going for, this can sometimes be too much. I only apply gloss as my final step when I have done a heavier makeup look, or am going out at night. For an everyday look, I stick to just lip liner and lipstick.

The Essence Shine Shine Shine Wet Lip Gloss is a great gloss for this technique. It is not sticky and is super glossy. This gloss retails for $1.99.

Getting the look of fuller lips doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. For only $8.00 you can create a lip combo that accentuates your beautiful pout and all its curves!

Talk soon xoxo

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