The Secrets To A Great Hair Day, Everyday

I was born with a head of hair that puts lions manes to shame. It’s curly and unruly, and there is so. much. of. it. Holy, heck.

For a laugh, I have include my grade 8 yearbook photo (pre-styling knowledge) to show just how far I’ve come.

How to having a great hair day, everyday | Elyse Morency blog

I have spent YEARS trying to find ways to manage my hair. It would take me hours to blow dry and style my hair to get it to a state that didn’t make me look like I was related to Albert Einstein. Then, I had a baby and I felt like I went straight back grade school all over again. My hair got curlier (as if that was even possible), I had almost no time to do it, and to add onto the fun, it was falling out in chunks so big I thought for sure I was going bald.

How to having a great hair day, everyday | Elyse Morency blog

It was at that point I knew I needed a plan.

There had to be a way that I could have nice hair and not have to spend hours of my day styling it. I have found tried and true products and tips that have allowed me to have great hair days, every day (well… like 95% of the days haha).

If you are struggling to get your hair under control or are just looking for some new techniques, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are my secrets to having a great hair day, everyday!

How to having a great hair day, everyday | Elyse Morency blog

Wash and Style Your Hair At Different Times

This trick was one I kind of fell into by accident, but it works. I will often wash my hair after Rhys has gone to bed at night and give it the night to dry. Then, the next day I will style it during his first nap time.

There is something about breaking up the two tasks that makes it seem so much more manageable. It makes me feel like I have been able to spend my time doing things that need to get done, without sacrificing my time with the baby. I can easily wash my hair, run around and clean the apartment while it dries and then the next day, style it while he is sleeping.

Train Your Hair

Yes, you read that right.

In case sleep training, potty training, and everything else you need to teach your children (and husbands..ahem…) wasn’t a long enough list, let’s add training your hair. I promise this one is not nearly as hard as trying to teach someone to put dishes in the dishwasher when they’re done with them.

By teaching your hair to go longer between washes, you will be able to go for more days before it starts getting dirty. Over the span of a couple of weeks, try and push yourself to go a day or so longer than usual before washing your hair. This will help your scalp learn to produce less oils, less quickly.

Find A Style That Lasts

This is one of the most important tricks to having a good hair day everyday. Finding a style that will last means less touch ups and fiddling with it. You want a style that is one-and-done and will stay with you until the next washing.

For myself, this is wearing my hair curled. It is a style that I know suits me, looks just a good on day one as it does on day five, and it takes minimal effort to do.

How to having a great hair day, everyday | Elyse Morency blog

Use A Minimal Amount Of Products

If you are finding yourself struggling to get your hair past the first day after washing it, take a look at how much and what kind of products you are using in it.

One of the biggest things I avoid is using too many products in my hair. The more products you use, the quicker your hair will build up oils and dirt. The only thing I put in my hair after washing it is a heat protection and styling cream (I use Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Cream). After a couple of days when my hair is looking a little dull, I will spray some shine spray on the ends to give it some moisture and liven it up again. After that, I’ll use dry shampoo to stretch it another day if I need it.

Another thing to make sure you are doing is completely washing out your conditioner in the shower. I was a big believer that leaving some conditioner in my hair helped keep it moisturized, but all it was really doing was making it greasier, faster. Once I started fully rinsing out my conditioner I was able to stretch my hair styles much longer.

Meet Your New Best Friend, Dry Shampoo!

If you have not tried dry shampoo, prepare to have your world rocked.

This stuff should be, and will be, your best friend when trying to stretch your hair styles for longer. I don’t know about you, but this Mama does NOT have time to wash and style her hair everyday. This is where dry shampoo comes in.

For the days when your toddler made you run particularly hard after them, or you should have washed your hair but a diaper explosion stole your time away, this is your secret weapon. It may not remove the baby spit up from your hair, but it will definitely mask the smell!

There are a ton of different brands of dry shampoo, so really it’s your preference which one you use. I will, however, share with you my top two if you are looking for somewhere to start!

  • For a super affordable one, Batiste is the way to go. This brand has them in all different hair colours and scents, and I have heard you can pick them up at Dollarama at times, which is a steal!!
  • If you feel like treating yourself, Drybar Detox is the best dry shampoo. It comes in two scents and is incredibly light weight, giving you maximum volume and clean feeling hair.
How to having a great hair day, everyday | Elyse Morency blog

Having great hair doesn’t mean giving up your hard earned alone time. It takes some trial and error and some well tested techniques, but it is totally possible!

Use these tricks to help you get back to feeling like the bad ass Mama you are, one great hair day at a time!

Talk soon xoxo

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