Christmas Traditions We Are Starting For Our Family

Since this is our first Christmas with children, there are so many traditions I want to start doing! Although, I’ll be honest, I feel a little silly doing all these new things when Rhys isn’t old enough to understand or remember them yet, but for us it is still special.

I have been planning our first Christmas with a baby since I got pregnant… Okay you caught me. Since before I got pregnant… I remember turning to Bryn at one of our first doctors appointments after finding out we were pregnant and realizing that “we are going to have a 7 month old for Christmas next year!!”. I proceeded to cry (typical) and listen to all my favourite Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies for the next week because I was so excited. And now that it is here, there is a surreal feeling about it. I knew this day was going to come, duh. But I still can’t believe we are 3 days away from actually experiencing it. And, you know what? I’m going to get this emotional again next year!

I’m going to have to get through this year before I can start excitedly planning for next year.

Some of my fondest memories of Christmas growing up were the traditions we had as a family. We did things like drink hot mulled wine after going to Christmas Eve mass and cinnamon rolls the morning of. These are the kinds of memories I want my children to have when they are older so here are the traditions we plan on starting with our new family this year.

  • Brand new Christmas pajamas to wear on Christmas eve
  • Visiting both sides of the family on Christmas morning
  • Santa photos
  • Going to a tree farm
  • Going to see the Nutcracker (although we have missed it the past two years.. whoops)
  • Cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas day
  • Boxing day shopping (because this Mama likes to shop!)

What traditions do you do with your family?

Talk soon xoxo

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