Christmas Outfits On A Budget

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by all the stores around the Christmas season trying to get you to buy a new outfit for the Christmas… one you’ll probably wear once and leave in the back of your closet until you go searching for that one shoe you used to have which seemed to have gone missing months ago.

Ya, I’m right there with you.

This year I vowed I would not get sucked into their persuasive ways. Instead, I decided to find ways to wear what I already have in ways that make it feel like a whole new outfit!

Are you feeling the same way? This article is going to show you my top 3 ways to make your Christmas outfit on a budget!

Layer Over sized Sweaters Over Dresses

This one is one of my favourite ways to switch things up in my fashion to make my outfits feel new again. I like to start with a fitted dress and then take a larger pull over sweater and layer it on top of the dress, giving the illusion that you’re wearing a skirt. You can leave your sweater loose or you can tie it at the waist to give more shape to your outfit!

Pair Dresses and Skirts with Fancy Tights

So this one requires buying a piece (probably) but it’s waaaay cheaper than if you were to buy an entire new outfit! By adding a pair of fancy tights you can give a look a whole new feel.

Add Pops of Colour

This can be done in many ways depending on the outfit and your comfort zone with wearing bright colours. For a more modest addition of colour to your outift, you can add in some bright coloured accessories. To be a little bolder, you can pair a bright pair of shoes or clothing piece with a neutral outfit.

Hopefully your Christmas is full of fun and excitement and your outfit is something you can be both proud of and not stressed about!

Talk soon xoxo

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