The Coziest Christmas Drinks

I love spending my days cuddled up on the couch watching Christmas movies around the holiday season. And in my opinion, the one thing that goes best with it are warm Christmas inspired drinks. My go to for the Christmas drinks has always been Davids Tea because they are so tasty and have a huge selection of holiday inspired drinks.

In this post, I share with you my favourite, coziest, Christmas drinks from Davids Tea.

  • Santa’s Secret- $8.98/ 50 g: This tea is the epitome of Christmas in a cup. It is a black tea with peppermint leaves (nursing mama’s beware) and spices with little mini candy canes sprinkled in it. It is a subtle, but still flavourful drink which is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit!
  • Candy Cane Crush- $7.98/ 50 g: If you like the Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha (my absolutely favourite Starbucks drink) you will LOVE this tea. This tea is the milder version of the PWM, so if you find the Starbucks version a little sweet, this is a great alternative. This tea is a black tea with white chocolate chips and crushed candy canes, making it a great choice for the cold winter nights. 
  • Sleigh Ride- $7.98/ 50 g: If caffeinated teas aren’t your thing, this is the tea for you. This herbal tea is filled with cinnamon, apples, almonds, hibiscus and beetroot to make the perfect warm and flavourful blend which pairs great with fireplace and a good book.
  • White Chocolate Chai- $8.98/ 50 g: I actually love this one all year round (I know, call me crazy haha) but it’s especially good during the winter. It’s a perfect, warm blend of sweet and spicey that isn’t overpowering at all. This black tea has a mix of cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. Want to amp it up even more? Try it as a latte!
  • Valerian Nights- $9.98/ 50 g: If the stress of Christmas holidays has you up all night, this tea is perfect to help you relax and unwind so you can sleep well at night. It is made with valerian root with soothing chamomile and flavours of coconut and caramel. The perfect way to relax after  long day.
  • Mint Match- $9.98/ 50 g: For those of you who enjoy a good caffeine boost without the major drop in energy later, matcha is the way to go. It’s a clean for f caffeine that perks you up but doesn’t have the major crash once the energy rush has worn off. The mint matcha is nice because it’s sweet and creamy with a subtle mint flavour to give it a holiday feel. 

If you’re looking for ways to amp up your cozy nights, you can add these super cute holiday mugs to go with your warm teas! Guaranteed to make your evening Instagram post worthy.

Grab your coziest blanket, throw on some reading socks, and enjoy your cup of tea!

Talk soon xoxo

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