November Favourites | Elyse Morency

It’s the end of the month which means it’s time for the round up of my favourite products! I love doing these kinds of posts because I am the kind of person who will find something I love, and use nothing else but that for weeks on end. That being said, there aren’t many products that I love enough to get to that point, so when I do find those holy grail items, I need to share them!

Mint matcha tea

With the Christmas holidays right around the corner, I was craving something minty. I went and picked up the Mint Matcha from David’s Tea and it is so good! I actually enjoy it both hot or cold, depending on my mood that day. I like it for a mid-afternoon pick me up since the caffeine is a much cleaner feel and it doesn’t keep me up at night. 

Matcha is one of those drinks that you have to find out how you enjoy it. I think drinking it straight tastes like grass (ew). If you’re into bitter teas, you might enjoy it! Personally, it’s not my favourite taste. I like to add milk and sugar to mine to make it nice and creamy and sweet.

CeraVe moisturizer

I mentioned in my October Favourites post how Rhys was getting very dry skin from the colder weather. Glaxal Base was amazing at the time, but as the weather got even colder, his skin needed something even stronger. I have been trying to avoid cortisone cream for as long as possible because to me those are the big guns. It’s our last resort when everything else has failed. After asking the Mom tribe what they recommend, I heard a lot of them suggest CeraVe Moisturizing cream

After the first use, it was instantaneous the change in his skin. It took a couple of days to notice a difference from the Glaxal base, but the CeraVe immediately made his skin smother. It’s a thick cream that transforms into the lightest formula. It is not greasy or sticky. It’s great!

So great that I actually use it on my face at night before bed now… Yes, I love my Arbonne stuff but every once in while if my face is feeling extra dry, I slather this stuff on and wake up with smooth skin again! It’s a 10/10 product for me and I highly recommend everyone tries it.


Hands up if you have an active baby and your arms are falling off from holding them all day!

This item has been a total life (and arm) saver for me. Rhys has been moving since he came out of the womb and he doesn’t like being put down on his back anymore. We have been using the Evenflo exersaucer which has a ton of great visual stimulants for the baby and turns and bounces with their movement. It’s on the big side, however, I will suck it up because of how much Rhys loves it and the improvements in his motor skills since using it.

If you don’t already have one, this would be an item I suggest grabbing. There are a ton of them floating around on buy and sell groups or you can get them on amazon cheaper then I’ve seen anywhere else!

Arbonne Prepwork Line

This skincare line has changed my skin, for the better. Over the month of December I used only Arbonne prepwork on my skin to see what all the hype was about around this line. 

I can honestly say now, I get it. I understand why people rave about these products.

They have cleared up and moisturized my skin in ways that no other product has done. That is saying a lot, considering I have never stuck with  skincare product longer then a couple of weeks. If you want my full thought on this line you can read my first impression and follow up post for all the details!

Sherpa Sweaters

Oh my lawd, I am in love with the fuzzy sherpa sweaters. I am firm believer that home is where your sweats are, and I am at home a lot… so naturally, I am almost always in sweaters and sweatpants. 

It seems like these sherpa sweaters are popping up everywhere now, and I’m not even mad about it. Now that the weather is colder, these are so incredibly cozy, and great to wear inside or out of the house. My favourites at the moment are from Old Navy and Aerie

Slightly unrelated, however, still exciting, there is only 5 more days until the holiday fun begins here on the blog!! Make sure you check back in Mon, Dec. 3 for the first of many Christmas posts!

What are your favourites for November?

Talk soon xoxo

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