The Amazing Empowerment That Comes From Supporting Others

It has been a hot minute since I wrote a post where I just poured my feelings out about a topic. This lesson is one that I have come to learn the value of very quickly and will preach to anyone who will listen to me.

The empowerment that comes from supporting others is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

How many times have you gone to pursue something and stopped yourself out of fear of what others would think of you? My guess is, too many times. Why is the opinion of others the biggest road block for us? How did we get to a place of such insecurity that we no longer lift up those around us? Our biggest thought about going after our dreams should be “how do we get there?”, not “what will people think?” while we try.

This was a realization I came to shortly after starting the blog. I realized that I was that person who would scroll past people going after their goals, but expected those same people to stop and support me in my journey. How backwards is that? Once I noticed this in myself, my perspective on things changed. My eyes were opened to everyone around me on their own journeys to success and I was dumbfounded. People who I used to see or talk to almost daily had these amazing careers which they were working towards and they didn’t care what anyone thought about it. There was a fire behind the way they worked and I loved it. 

If you’ve ever listened to someone talk about something (or someone) they love, they get this sparkle in their eyes and the passion comes out in the way they talk. It’s a feeling that you can’t quite explain, but it leaves you wanting to run out and start your own journey to success. That is the feeling which lights my soul on fire.

So my next move was simple.

I started reconnecting and connecting with like-minded people and offering them support however I could. For some, it meant trying out their products (and finding out how freaking awesome they are!) for others it was as simple as cheering them on while they checked off the boxes on their daily to-do lists. Regardless of the size of action, it brought with it a sense of empowerment for everyone involved. A feeling that was incomparable to anything else. 

Starting a business or working towards a goal is an incredible learning experience. There are ups and downs, good days and bad, but above all it is a marathon, not a sprint. When you run a marathon, you’ll notice along the way there are people on the sidelines cheering you on and offering you water. This is because the race is hard to do on your own and your body will start to tire. It’s the people on the sideline who are supporting you which help you reach the finish line. Without them, the race can seem impossible. The same is true when working towards a goal in life. It’s the people on the sidelines cheering you on and offering you support that get you there. It is not a race which can be won alone.

It is also important to remember that the success of others does not effect your own. The results of someone else’s race will not deter the success of yours. Once you shift your mindset to this, from fixed to growth, you will notice not only other peoples successes, but your own. Your view on the small things will feel suddenly feel huge and you’ll start to celebrate all the checkpoints along the way and not just reaching the finish line. 

Ask yourself this question:

When you finish your race, do you want to celebrate on your own or with others? Your answer to this question will determine your next move.

I choose to celebrate with others. 

Talk soon xoxo

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