What You’ll Need From 3- 6 Months: Baby Products I’ve Been Loving

How are we already writing about our most used items from 3-6 months old?!

Oh my gosh, the time is FLYING by. If you’re new here and missed my post on the products we loved in the first three months, jump on over here to read that.

This list won’t be as long as the first one because a lot of the items from that list we are still using. However, we do have some new ones in the mix which I want to share with you!

Merlin Sleep Suit

This was an item that I actually bought used because for an original price of $80, finding it gently used for $20 was too good to pass up (even if it was pink!). I had read raving reviews on this item so when we hit the four month sleep regression, I had high hopes for it. Sadly, I don’t think this suit worked it’s magic on Rhys like it did for other babies. He didn’t sleep through the night at all with it on. It was nice knowing he could move around a little more than if he was swaddled, but this was not a life changing product for us. I actually feel like it hurt us more than helped since transitioning out of the Merlin Sleep Suit was harder than transitioning out of the swaddle.

We’ve very recently switched him into a sleep sack and THAT has been life changing.

Hello, sleep! I’ve missed you.

Sophie the Giraffe

If you read my teething post, you’d have seen that Rhys got his first two teeth at 3.5 months. They came out of nowhere with almost no signs of teething. Since then, it’s been a different story. He’s seeming to be feeling the teething discomfort pretty strongly so Sophie has been his best friend. He loves chewing on her and instantly smiles when he sees her being given to him.

White Noise Machine

Now that Rhys is older, he is much more sensitive to noise as he’s falling asleep. Because of this, we’ve started to use a noise machine to drown out any noise that he might hear while he’s in bed. We’ve been using a Fisher Price one that you unfortunately can’t get anymore, but any sound machine will work great. I didn’t see the purpose in these originally, but now I don’t know what we’d do without it!

Evenflo Exersaucer

Since Rhys has become more active, the playmat we had been using was just not cutting it anymore. Within minutes of putting him down he was frustrated and grumpy because he wanted to be moving more than he could while laying down. We love the Evenflo exersaucer because it has a ton of different objects on it to keep him occupied and springs in the legs to keep him moving! Not to mention, it’s super easy to clean after spit up disasters (and there are always spit up disasters).

The 3-6 month age has been a blast! There have been so many changes in Rhys that I can’t help but feel slightly sad that he no longer seems like a baby anymore. That being said, I’m taking each day as new one and enjoying the present moments.

Good luck with your little ones, and if you are at a loss of what you’ll need during this time, I hope this guide will help!

Talk soon xoxo

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