Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Winter Baby Essentials

I am a huge fan of the winter. Well.. actually, I love the winter holidays. I enjoy the snow for about a month and then I’m over it. But with the weather getting colder it means preparing your baby, and that can be challenging sometimes!

If you are wondering what you’ll need to get you and your baby through the colder months, this post is for you!


If you saw my October favourites post then you know as soon as the cold weather hit, Rhys’ skin reacted. His cheeks became so red and raw from being dry that they started weeping. Not fun for anyone involved. We’ve been using Glaxal Base Moisturizing Lotion to help combat this and it has been a God sent. Even if your little one doesn’t show signs of dry skin, it’s better to be proactive than reactive!

Warm Blankets

Traveling with a baby in a car seat during the winter can be very challenging. They aren’t allowed to be wearing any bulky jackets or snowsuits, (e.g. most of the winter wear). So, to help keep your baby warm while in the car seat you’re going to want to find a nice cozy blanket that you can wrap on top of your baby once they’re strapped to stay toasty warm! Our favourite one is this Levtex Mommy and Me Blanket set from Toys R Us. We have it in white and keep the bigger blanket on our couch and the baby blanket in Rhys’ car seat. Just fold it up so it tucks nicely into the car seat and I can guarantee your baby will be sweating by the time you take them out of their seat!

Hats and Mittens

I am a sucker for the pompom hats and knitted mittens. I have to stop myself from buying every pompom hat I see while I’m out! There is just something about them that makes me want to squeal. That can’t be just me, right?! My favourite hat and mittens this season is this toque (how cute are the ears?!) and these mittens. Plus, for the price of them, you really can’t go wrong.

Warm Sleep Sack

We are no longer swaddling Rhys at night, so we have been dressing him in a sleep sack. I like to keep his room on the cooler end of the spectrum because I find he gets really hot while he’s sleeping. That being said, I still like to dress him warmly to ensure he’s sleeping comfortably. I love the Halo Sleep Sacks for this because they’re warm, but they’re light enough that Rhys doesn’t over heats in them. I dress him in a long sleeve onsie and pants or a long sleeve sleeper with socks on his hands (to stop him from scratching his eczema at night) and then pop him into the sleep sack.


Unpopular opinion warning. I think shoes on babies who can’t walk is a waste of money. Sorry, I know so many people love dressing their babies up in shoes, but they are the one baby item that I will not spend money on. Why? Because they can’t walk, and all they do is fall off. Instead, I like to dress Rhys in thick socks that I know will stay on his feet and keep him warm. My favourite ones are the Roots socks. They are long enough that they stay on his feet, they’re so cute, and they’re thick enough that his feet stay warm. If you like dressing your baby in shoes, we can still be friends, but I recommend socks instead.

With the snow upon us now, and the colder weather outside, I hope these items help you and your baby get ready for all the fun times to be had outside. Just because Winter arrives, doesn’t mean you need to be stuck inside.

Bundle up, and enjoy the season!

Talk soon xoxo

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