Work Smarter, Not Harder: Working At Home With A Baby

Before having Rhys I was such a high performer. I worked multiple jobs at a time and clocked in more hours than I probably should have. But I loved it. I loved feeling accomplished at the end of my days. Around the end of my pregnancy I started to slow down due to physical limits. I couldn’t be on my feet for too long, and walking and moving around caused a lot of discomfort. It was one of the most difficult things to accept during my pregnancy. I essentially had to limit my daily activities to a minimum, otherwise I was in pain for days after. I felt totally unlike myself and I could not wait to get back to being able to jam packed my days once Rhys was born.

Boy, was I wrong about that.

It is SO challenging trying to get anything done with a baby. Yes, I know that statement should have been an obvious one, but I was naive. I thought I’d be running around like I was pre-baby and getting everything done while caring for Rhys. Little did I know that Rhys would only sleep on me for the first few months, and it is very challenging to get anything done while holding a baby. Even now that Rhys is older, he is demanding in a totally different way. When he is awake he requires constant attention so that limit my ability to multitask. Plus, I try to be as present as I can while I’m with him so awake times are strictly work free zones.

If you are working from home with a baby and are looking for ways to maximize your work time, then this article is for you!


When Baby Sleeps, You work

This is the most important method I follow when trying to get work done. Almost anytime Rhys is asleep, I am working. This allows me 1-2 hours at a time, sometimes more, when I can sit down and work uninterrupted. Anything I think of while he’s awake I will jot down and work on during the next nap.


Use Your Support System

I’m very lucky because I live very close (like, 5 minutes away, close) to my family. When my sister has days off, she will often come over to spend the day and see Rhys. This allows me a couple of hours where I can be with Rhys but not have to tend to his every need. It is really a win-win situation. My sister gets her baby fix and I get some work done! If you have anyone who is willing to come over for a little while so you cab go out and get stuff done or spend sometime working from home, take them up on it. You’d be surprised how much you can get dinner in an hour when your only focusing on one task.


Baby Wearing

If you are still in the newborn phase and your baby doesn’t ever want to be put down, baby wearing is going to be your saving grace. I wore Rhys in the Ergo Baby carrier for the first month, at least, which would allow me to get stuff done around the apartment while still holding him. There are a ton of different baby carriers and wraps available so it’s worth testing some out to find which one you and your baby are most comfortable with.


Plan, Plan, Plan!

Leave nothing up to chance. The biggest improvement I’ve made to working with a baby is planning everything out. Everything I do in a day has been scheduled, otherwise I get distracted. When you are working with a limited amount of time you want to make sure you are taking full advantage of your time. Not only will this help keep you on track, it’ll also give you a visual of how much you’ve accomplished. It is a huge motivator to see all the things you’ve done in a day! Just remember, set realistic and attainable goals for yourself each day otherwise it’ll end up having the opposite effect.


With these tips, some determination, and a lot of creativity, I’m able to end my days feeling so incredibly accomplished! I also love that I don’t have to sacrifice my time with Rhys to get it all done. It is totally possible to work from home while taking care of a family. It’s all about how you balance it.

What kind of things do you do to maximize your time while working with a baby?

Good luck and happy working!

Talk soon xoxo

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