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October has been a big month in our household. Birthdays, Thanksgiving, anniversaries, and the launch of my blog! With all those things going on I’ve accumulated some really great products which have been staples in my day to day life this month.

So here are my favourite items I’ve been loving in October!

1. Lisbon Wants Moor- OPI Nail Polish

When it comes to nail polish, I’m as basic as they come. I rarely stray outside of my beloved neutrals and don’t really go too far outside of my comfort zone. This pale pink colour has been my go to since the summer. It is so flattering and suits all skin tones! This will most likely be the only colour on my nails for the rest of the year.

2. Glaxal Base Moisturizing Lotion

Thanks to the colder weather which is upon us now, poor Rhys’ skin has been so dry. His face especially has been having a hard time. At one point it was bright red and raw, and nothing we were using was working to get rid of it. After lots of recommendations I picked up the Glaxal Base and it only took a day of consistent use before his skin was so much better. This will be something we use on him until the winter is over to protect his skin from drying out.

3. NYX Lip pencil in Mauve

As I’ve mention in a couple of different posts, most days I don’t have a lot of time to do my makeup, so I have mastered the 5 minute makeup look. This makes me feel put together and ready to take on the day. NYX Lip Pencil in Mauve has been my go to lip product because it’s the perfect “my lips but better” colour and since it’s a pencil, it lasts for quite a long time. Who has time to reapply their lipstick when they’re trying to take over the world? Definitely not me!

4. Redken pillow proof blow dry cream

Lately I’ve been trying to style my hair more because it helps motivate me to get stuff done during the day, but I’ve also lost a lot of it around my hairline (one of the many fun things which happen postpartum) which I have been strategically trying to cover up. I love this product because it has a heat protection in it, makes your style last longer, and it also speeds up the drying time! It is also one of my favourite smelling Redken products, so that alone makes it a winner for me. All you have to do is apply a little bit of this starting from your ends and work it up to your roots, then blow-dry as normal for an easy, long lasting style.

5. Lush bubble bar

If you read my post about my most used things during pregnancy , you know I raved about the Lush bath products. Ever since I started using them last year, I have been addicted. The bath bombs are great, however, for a product that you can only use once it can get expensive if you’re using them often. Recently, I’ve started using the bubble bars. They’re a little more expensive up front but I cut them into smaller pieces and just use parts at a time. If you wrap the bars in plastic wrap or in a ziplock bag they stay fresh for a while. Honestly, with the amount of bubbles that you get from just a small slice, I’m convinced you’d drown in bubbles if you put the whole bar in the bath at once. My favourites are Brightside and The Comforter.

6. The Honest Company Bubble Bath and Body Lotion

Since we’ve started getting serious about Rhys’ bedtime routine, I’ve been using the same bath products on him every night (if you’re interested in what our routine is, you can find it here). I love The Honest Company Products because I know that they’re made pretty purely and I don’t have to worry when I accidentally spill some on Rhys’ face during bath time that he’s been poisoned (hypothetically speaking…right. whoops!). While we’re being honest (get it? It’s punny!), I even use these myself because they smell so good and help me relax at night!

October has been busy and full of amazing things and products!

What products have you been loving for the month of October? Let me know in the comments below!

Talk soon xoxo

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