5 Products To Get You Through Pregnancy

Before having a baby, the thought of being pregnant sounded amazing and magical, and I was so excited for it. I thought I knew exactly what it was going to be like. I was going to grow this cute little belly (although I did like my belly, little was not the word I’d use to describe it), I’d wear these cute outfits to show off the bump (Ha! When nothing fits you wear whatever you can), and I’d have this glowing skin and luscious hair (okay, the hair part was true).

But what I didn’t realize was pregnancy can be, and usually is at some point, painful and uncomfortable with things changing I didn’t even know would change. Knowing that you’re in it for 9 months, you’re going to want to find some products to help you feel your best during your pregnancy.

So if you’re pregnant and searching for ways to help ease some of the pregnancy challenges, here are my top 5 products that got me through mine.

1 . Body pillow

Best products to use during pregnancy | Elyse Morency | Mommy and LIfestyle Blog

You know all those picture you see of pregnant women choosing to cuddle their pregnancy pillow over their husband or significant other? There is nothing more accurate to describe sleeping while pregnant. As you progress, your hips get sore and your belly gets uncomfortable and a body pillow will become your best friend. You can buy a pillow made specifically for pregnancy, but I just used a regular body pillow and it worked amazing. They’re also a heck of a lot cheaper. In fact, I still use it now at almost 6 months postpartum (sorry, Bryn). This was really the only thing that kept me comfortable enough to sleep at night in the last 5-6 weeks of pregnancy.

2. Lush Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars

Best products to use during pregnancy | Elyse Morency | Mommy and LIfestyle Blog

Before getting pregnant I was never into baths. They seemed like a waste of time, just sitting around doing nothing. But once I got through the first trimester and started feeling the aches of pregnancy I spent almost every night in the bath! It was so relaxing to unwind with a bath bomb or bubble bath. Plus, the warm water (hot water is not recommended during pregnancy) really alleviated the strain on my back and leg muscles towards the end of my pregnancy. There were days in the last couple of weeks where I was having 2, sometime 3, baths a day.

The Lush bath products are amazing because they smell great, they’re all natural so you don’t have to worry about what you’re absorbing into your skin, and they’re incredibly moisturizing which helps with the itching as your belly grows. I like to think it helped me avoid getting too many stretch marks, but that could just be in my head. Either way, these were staples in my daily routine during pregnancy, and I still use them now!

Mom life got you feeling like you have no time left for yourself? Do you miss the days when you could sit down and put yourself together for the day without being used as a jungle gym or stopping someone from flushing your favourite mascara down the toilet?

Me too, mama! This is why I created the 5 minute make up routine so you can get yourself ready in the shortest amount of time and feeling your best everyday!

(bonus: it can be done one handed ;))

5 Minute Makeup for Busy Moms

3. Lululemon Align Cropped Pants

Best products to use during pregnancy | Elyse Morency | Mommy and LIfestyle Blog
Best products to use during pregnancy | Elyse Morency | Mommy and LIfestyle Blog

If you only get one thing from this list, let this be the one. I kid you not, I bought the Lululemon Align Crops at 10 weeks pregnant and wore them every single day until 3 months postpartum. These pants have seen things. I had seen online that they were recommended by other people for pregnancy because they are high waisted and the waist band is super stretchy. They are part of the Lululemon “naked” sensation so they feel like you are wearing nothing. They stretch with your body so comfortably that I tell everyone they need a pair, pregnant or not. They are pricey, but they were better than any other maternity pants I owned. I just bought them in a size up to leave some wiggle room.

4. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

This product is something that I’m not actually sure did anything, but I like to think it did! Red Raspberry Leaf Tea is said to help prepare the uterus for labor, resulting in a faster delivery. Now, I’m not saying this tea was the cause, but Rhys was born after only 30 minutes if pushing.. so, you can be the judge of whether or not the tea works. I started drinking this religiously at 37 weeks. It tastes awful but if you ice it and add some lemon it’s not too bad. You can get this at almost any grocery store in the health food section and it retails for around $6.00 a box.

5. Belly Band

Best products to use during pregnancy | Elyse Morency | Mommy and LIfestyle Blog
Best products to use during pregnancy | Elyse Morency | Mommy and LIfestyle Blog

If you’ve been pregnant before, you’ll know that the first trimester is the trickiest for clothing. You’re not big enough to fit into any actual maternity pants, but you’re so bloated that none of your regular pants will do up anymore! This is when the belly band comes in handy. It allows you to keep your pants undone but covers it so it looks like you’re wearing an under shirt. I used this so much throughout my pregnancy. It’s also nice after the baby is born, when you are at that awkward stage again where you’re still a little bloated and clothing isn’t fitting right yet.

I loved being pregnant and I can’t wait to do it again. I know I’ll have all of these items lined up and ready to go!

What products have you used that got you through pregnancy?

Talk soon xoxo

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