Teeth! Helping Your Baby Through The Teething Phase

Teething is a tricky phase because there are so many different signs of teething, it happens at different ages, for different lengths of time, and at different levels of intensity for every baby. My son started teething at 3 months, and nobody believed us when we told them he had two teeth at 3.5 months! We didn’t even realize that was what was happening at the time since it felt so early and weren’t aware of all the teething symptoms.

As parents, our main concern is ensuring our babies are happy and comfortable. When your baby is teething it can leave you feeling helpless since there really isn’t much you can do but help sooth the pain caused by teething symptoms. It can easily turn life upside down and throw everything you thought you knew as normal out the window. If your baby is teething and you’re feeling at a loss with how to help them, then you’re going to want to check out these tips! Here is how you can help your baby through the teething phase.

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Helping your baby get through teething | Elyse Morency | Mommy and Lifestyle Blog

Signs of Teething

When your baby starts teething, it can easily be confused with other things. There are a lot of teething symptoms which also look a lot like colds, mental or physical leaps, and regressions. Teething has the ability to throw a wrench in any schedule you once had but being aware of the cause for this disruption and being able to identify that they are just signs of teething can help you get back on track. If your baby is teething, keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Drooling
  • Swollen gums
  • Irritability
  • Sleep disruption
  • Biting and chewing more than usual
  • Rosy cheeks
  • Rubbing mouth, ears, or cheeks
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Diaper rash

Teething toys

There are so many teething toys on the market that it can be challenging deciding which ones to buy. On the plus side, you have a huge variety of products that could work for your baby. The downside is you have a ton of toys to try and pick the winning items from.

Toys which have lots of ridges or are able to be put in the freezer are great for soothing sore and swollen gums. These NatureBond Baby Food Feeders are the BEST for teething babies. You get 8 different sized silicone feeders which you can either put in the freezer empty or filled with fruit or breast milk. They have a great shape so they’re easy for the baby to hold and the silicon makes for easy clean up. For the price you pay for this pack, I highly recommend these. Another great teething toy is the Baby Banana. It’s a silicon tooth brush but is very soothing on the gums. We went through a phase where all R wanted was this toothbrush. He brought it everywhere with him! But if it made him happy, we let it happen.

We found the softer, larger toys also worked great. They needed to be big enough that even though he was still quite young, he was able to hold them in his hands on his own. The softer toys seemed to be a little more gentle on his gums and were able to fit better in his tiny mouth at this age!

Now that he’s 5 months and has better hand- eye coordination he loves his Sophie La Giraffe and  Tiny Teether Wooden Rattles. We never go anywhere without them because they stop him from chewing his sleeves or hands!

Helping your baby get through teething | Elyse Morency | Mommy and Lifestyle Blog

Not surprisingly, my son loves chewing on frozen washcloths. He is all about his food so I soak a quarter of a folded wash cloth in breast milk, pop it in the freezer for 20 minutes, then give it to him to chew on. It doesn’t stay frozen for long, but it is still cold enough to give him relief. Plus, it’s super tasty for him!

Here are some other teething toys we love:

Teething Symptoms Pain Relief

One of the biggest signs of teething we see in our son is diaper rashes. It is without a doubt the one sign that happens every time. With all the extra saliva being produced while baby teeth are coming in, it causes there to be more dirty diapers which can lead to some pretty nasty diaper rashes. Depending on the severity of the rash we will either use petroleum jelly for the minor rash or Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisturizing Cream when it is a little more severe. If you find your little one is drooling a lot more these drool bibs are super cute and keep the clothing dry. Apply a little bit of petroleum jelly around the mouth as well to prevent the skin from drying out and becoming uncomfortable.

This one is controversial, and should not be done without checking with your child’s pediatrician, but sometimes the only thing that gives R any relief is a dose of Infant Tylenol. It is our last resort for the times when he has been crying and fussy for hours without any other techniques working. As much as I dislike giving him medication at such a young age, I would hate to think I’m letting him sit in pain when I have the means to stop it. It gives him a couple of hours of comfort and he doesn’t often need more than one dose for the day.

Helping your baby get through teething | Elyse Morency | Mommy and Lifestyle Blog
Helping your baby get through teething | Elyse Morency | Mommy and Lifestyle Blog

If you’re little one is going through the teething phase, I hope these tips help give them (and you!) some relief. Teething can be a trick time when looking for the signs and symptoms, and then find relief. With time you will find what works for your little one!

Talk soon xoxo

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