Having a Baby on a Budget

Having a baby is such an exciting time! From finding out that you’re pregnant to the day your new bundle of joy is born, everything seems like it couldn’t get any better.

That is, until you start to plan out what you’ll need for your baby.

Everywhere you look there is a new baby item claiming you won’t be able to live without it. People on the street start telling you what you should buy, and then… you look at the price tags. Your palms go sweaty, the room starts spinning, and next thing you know you’re running out of the baby store looking for the return policy on this baby! Don’t panic! Having a baby doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get everything you need and still be able to afford groceries.

Here are my top 3 tips for having a baby on a budget.

1. You don’t need everything the lists say you do.

It’s almost cruel how much stores will try and tell you what you need to have for your baby. When I was shopping for Rhys before he was born, one store was actually walking around handing out water bottles and baby registry lists to pregnant moms. At first, I was so impressed! I was dying of thirst (hello, pregnancy symptoms) and totally lost as to what I needed to buy. Then I looked at the list and it must have had close to 100 things on it! When you actually look at everything on the list, over half the things either aren’t needed for at least another 6 months after baby is born or is just not necessary. Either way, you don’t need everything people tell you you do. Do your research and decide what seems important to you and go from there. If worst comes to worst and you don’t have something you need once baby arrives, you can always go out and buy it later! (Want to see what I recommend buying, check out this post on my most used baby items for newborn- 3 months)

2. Don’t buy everything new.

When I was pregnant I was incredibly lucky to know moms with older children because they were looking to get rid of their unused baby stuff and I didn’t want to buy products new that I knew we’d only need for a short time. Between that. Kijiji, and Facebook Market place, I was able to get at least half of our baby items for a significantly cheaper price. There are also tons of “buy nothing” groups on Facebook which are awesome to join as well! After I had created my baby list of things Bryn and I felt were important for us to have, we went through and picked out the items we wanted to buy new and which we would try and look for used. Things like our stroller we wanted to buy new because it was something we knew we’d be using often. Our car seat was another one we wanted to buy new, although we ended up with family members who were generous enough to donate their unused seats (make sure if you get your seat used, you are getting it from a trusted source. This is one item which it’s important to have in mint condition). However, our bassinet, a lot of our clothes, car seat stroller adapters were items we got used because we knew we’d only need it for a few months at max and they can be quite expensive. If you look in the right places, you can save a ton of money buying items used!

3. Start a baby registry.

This was super helpful for us. There are a lot of little things needed for babies which at first glance aren’t expensive, but they add up. We had a baby shower and lots of amazing people who wanted to get us something when they found out we were having a baby. We used our registry to put all our little items on and when people asked us if we needed anything we referred them to that list. Thing like wash cloths and bath items, books, little toys, and clothing accessories were the most gifted items to us (and most used now!). This is not to say you should rely on others to fund your baby, however, if people are offering, let them help!

Hopefully this helps you find ways to have a baby without spending a ton of money! The most important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable with your purchases and are doing what’s best for your family. Having a baby is an incredible time which doesn’t have to be tainted by stressing over the financial side of it all.

Happy Shopping!

Talk soon xoxo

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