Newborn to 3 Month Baby Checklist

Most Used Baby Items in the First 3 Months | Elyse Morency | Mom and Lifestyle Blog

While I was making my list of baby items we’d need before having Rhys, I read countless articles and spoke to everyone I could about what their top used baby items were. There is so much baby stuff on the market now that claim you absolutely need them when having a baby, I didn’t even know where to start. Getting other people’s input on what they used most gave me a really good idea of what was important to have and what wasn’t.

And now I’m here to help you determine what you might need in the first three months after your new baby arrives!

Here is my checklist of 10 most used baby items in the first 3 months.

1. Breast Pump

Most Used Baby Items in the First 3 Months | Elyse Morency | Mom and Lifestyle Blog

The reason I didn’t list this one as a specific model of breast pump is because I’ve had two in the first 3 months. Both were good although I definitely have a preference. As you have read in this post my breastfeeding journey was anything but simple. It was recommended to me to start pumping at day 3 and I’ve been pumping almost every day since. This has made me and breast pumps BFF’s. I started out renting the Medela Symphony Breast Pump which is a hospital grade pump. I don’t recommend buying this one as its upwards of $2,000 (definitely NOT the way to go if you’re looking at having a baby on a budget). Renting it on the other hand was great because I was able to find a place that rented it for $60 a month. After two and a half months of pumping almost every day, and no end in sight, I added up the cost of renting vs buying and came to the conclusion that it was more cost efficient for me to buy a pump. Knowing what I do now about breastfeeding, I anticipate needing a pump for future kids as well. After lots of research, I settled on the Spectra S2 Breast pump. This one is only available in the states but I managed to get it off the American Amazon site. It came highly recommended by other pumping moms and was also a hospital grade pump, but for only $300 after taxes and shipping. Once I started using it I could tell the difference almost immediately. I preferred this model because it felt much more natural and was way more comfortable. For something that you’re going to be using potentially more than once a day, you definitely want something that’s going to feel comfortable. It’s also got great features to it, like a timer and a night light. Not to mention, it’s tiny and light which makes it super portable! This item had been the most used item on this list, for sure!

2. Munchkin Latch Baby Bottle

Most Used Baby Items in the First 3 Months | Elyse Morency | Mom and Lifestyle Blog

Before I had Rhys I knew I wanted to Breastfeed, so bottles were not on my list of baby supplies. After delivering, I struggled with Breastfeeding and ended up having to supplement, which meant I needed some bottles. And not just any bottles, but ones that made the transition from bottle to breast easy. I had been working so hard to establish a strong latch during breastfeeding that the last thing I wanted to happen was for Rhys to prefer the bottle or to have nipple confusion. I tried countless bottles before finding this one, but once I tried it, I knew I was in love! The shape of it is great. It fits nicely into my diaper bag, the nipple is perfect because it mimics the feeling of the breast, and the parts were so easy to clean! All these made it the top pick for us. Even if you plan on breastfeeding, I highly recommend this bottle because I guarantee at least once in your first couple of months you’ll need a bottle! Plan for the worst, hope for the best. Better to be prepared.

3. Little Einstein play mat

Most Used Baby Items in the First 3 Months | Elyse Morency | Mom and Lifestyle Blog

This item has been a God sent! It’s super handy for when you need to get stuff done around the house and need to put your little one down for a bit. It’s got a ton of bright colors and lots of fun dangling items. It’s the only thing that we could put Rhys down on without him crying. He’s an active baby so sitting in the bouncing seats wasn’t his thing. He’d much rather be doing something where he can move his legs and arms ( something he was doing all the time!). This is also a great transitional item. Now that he is rolling I can take off the hanging items and put them on the mat for him to play around with while he lays on his belly. The arches also come off so when he starts sitting up I can take those off as well to make more room for him! I feel like this is one of those things everyone needs. I seriously could not recommend it more.

4. Aden & Anais muslin blankets

Most used baby items in 3 months

When Rhys was a newborn we swaddled him almost 24/7. It kept him calm and his crazy arms and legs contained so he could sleep comfortably. One thing we learned very quickly was that not all swaddle blankets are made the same. We absolutely adored the Aden & Anais muslin blankets for swaddling because they are super soft and have a nice stretch to them. The material allowed us to get a really nice, tight swaddle that was still comfortable for Rhys. Not only did we use them to swaddle, but we also used them to cover his car seat when we went out, I used them as a nursing cover, as a blanket to cover Rhys if it was cold, and burp cloths if we needed one. They come in a bunch of different colors and patterns which are super cute! They’re definitely an item that I’ll be buying for friends who have babies in the future!

5. Angel Care Baby Bath

Most Used Baby Items in the First 3 Months | Elyse Morency | Mom and Lifestyle Blog

When you get home with your new baby, one of the most challenging things you’ll probably encounter will be giving your baby a bath. I know, that statement sounds crazy. But trust me, you’re trying to hold this tiny little thing which has no muscle control, all the while your hands are wet and soapy and you’re trying to make sure you clean everything properly. Bath time can quickly become a two person job. Unless you have a baby tub. I can’t stress enough how helpful this baby bath was, and still is. It is so easy to do bath time when we have something to hold Rhys for us. We started to establish a bedtime routine pretty early on and nightly baths were part of it. This baby bath is awesome because it fits perfectly in our tub, has a mesh back so we were easily able to rinse his back, and it can be used for up to 6 months. This item is one of those things that can make you life so much easier! Why stress if you don’t have to?

6. Lansinoh Nursing Pads

Most Used Baby Items in the First 3 Months | Elyse Morency | Mom and Lifestyle Blog

Any breastfeeding Mama’s out there know that your boobs are leaking 24/7 for at least the first 6 weeks. Luckily for me, 4 months in and they are still leaking! So that means, bras or tight tops all the time and stuffing my bras with pad… Giving anyone junior high flashbacks? Just kidding. But in all seriousness, nursing pads are going to be your saving grace from as early as 35 weeks pregnant until whenever your milk levels out. These pads are great because they are comfortable, they don’t leak, and they come in huge amounts at a time, and when you’re done with them you just throw them out. Unless you enjoy waking up in puddles of breast milk, I would highly suggest these nursing pads.

7. Motorola MBP845CONNECT Baby Monitor

Most Used Baby Items in the First 3 Months | Elyse Morency | Mom and Lifestyle Blog

Being a first time mom, I like to see what Rhys is doing at all hours of the day. Not only can you see your baby with incredible video quality, but you can talk to them through the monitor, zoom in or out, check the room temperature, and mute the sound (for those extra long nights). However, believe it or not, those weren’t the reasons we bought this monitor. We liked this one because it allows you to download an app and use your phone as a monitor and you can add additional cameras to the set up. This made it perfect it for us because we knew we could expend the system as our family grows over time!

8. Burp Cloths

Most used baby items in 3 months

This is an item that you will very quickly realize how important it is. If you are asking your self how many burp cloths you might need before baby arrives, the answer is, as many as you can possibly find. You can never have enough burp cloths. You will use multiple burp cloths in a day so the simplest solution I can offer you is to stock up on as many as you possible can.

9. Boon Grass Drying Rack

Most used baby items in 3 months

This was something we ended up purchasing about a month after Rhys was born. I (naively ) didn’t realize how often you end up washing bottles.. I know, I know. Should have seen that coming but amidst the newborn madness I was clearly not thinking straight! So after a couple of weeks of consistently littering my kitchen counters with bottles and pumping parts I caved and bought the Boon Grass Drying Rack. I’ll be honest, this is nothing special. It doesn’t have any fancy features or anything different from another drying rack. It does, however, look incredibly cute sitting on the counter. That is the real reason I like it so much. It comes in a few different sizes, Lawn, Grass, and Patch (Yes, those are the names of the sizes. How can you resist when they give them such great names?!) with some different attachments which you can add on for the bottle lids and nipples, and it’s super easy to clean. If you’re big on the appearance of stuff and are planning on using bottles then you’ll love this drying rack!

10. Halo Sleep Sack

Most Used Baby Items in the First 3 Months | Elyse Morency | Mom and Lifestyle Blog

As I had mentioned above, we swaddled Rhys all the time. It was essential for us since he loved to move around and his moro reflex was strong. But as much as he loved being swaddled, the kid was a natural born Houdini. No matter how tight you swaddled him with a blanket he always managed to escape. This used to keep me up at night worrying because often I would go in to feed him and the blanket would be bunched up around his face. Once we realized that our swaddling skills were no match for the talents of Rhys, we started using the Halo Sleep Sack. And it. Was. Amazing. All you have to do is zipper them up in the sack and then use the two side panels to swaddle the arms in and secure it with Velcro. After we started using this he slept so much better and almost never managed to get his arms out. On the odd time that he would, I never had to worry about him because the sack didn’t move. We used this up until recently when he started rolling over. As hilarious as it was to watch him try and wiggle onto his belly in the Sleep Sack, I knew it was time to transition out of it. If you want to know how we did that, let me know! I’d be happy to write a post on it.

Hopefully this list will help you determine what you’ll need for you and your baby! Remember, every baby is different and what works for me and Rhys might not work for you. Consider this list a helping hand in find what is important to you!

Talk soon xoxo

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