Favourite 6-9 Month Baby Products

The past 3 months have brought with it a ton of new changes in our lives and Rhys’ development. Over the last few months he has started crawling, eating solid foods, is learning to feed himself, furniture walking, lots and lots of talking and laughing, and an overall curiosity for everything around him.

Since there has been such a jump in his development there has also been a huge shift in our products we use everyday, so here are our most used baby products from 6-9 months.

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Tidying Like A Mother: Marie Kondo KonMari Style!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month, you have probably heard about the new Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

With the show coming out right as the new year kicked off, I quickly jumped on Netflix, notebook in hand and ready to learn, and binge watched the show quicker than I would like to admit (2 days.. whoops..). After finishing the series I was left with an insane urge to throw out our entire apartment.

So that is exactly what I did. Sort of.

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The “Mom Bun” Ruined My Hair and How You Can Avoid It

We have all been there.

It’s 7 am, you haven’t showered in God knows how long, and your hair is a disaster. What do you do?

You throw it up in a bun with the elastic you found under your couch cushion.

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I Hated My Mom Body, and Why I’m Not Afraid To Say It

I had been sitting on my bed, naked, for almost a half an hour at this point. Tears streaming down my face uncontrollably while I stared at my clothes littered all over the floor. Nothing fit me right. There were rolls on my body in places I didn’t even know could roll. I felt ashamed and self-conscious and I resented my body for looking like this.

I hated my mom body.

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The Secrets To A Great Hair Day, Everyday

I was born with a head of hair that puts lions manes to shame. It’s curly and unruly, and there is so. much. of. it. Holy, heck.

For a laugh, I have include my grade 8 yearbook photo (pre-styling knowledge) to show just how far I’ve come.

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